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Tasty cake in the city of money

Tasty cake in the city of money

In the main concept of a trip to Las Vegas edibles and marijuana are not in the first place. The most important are expensive hotels, tall buildings, and luxury shops. And on the absolutely top are all fantastic casinos where players can realize their dreams. A lot of professional gamblers visit Las Vegas only for playing and they don’t waste time for fun. But many of them want to win a real fortune and then spend it in fancy places. Lucky winners can buy very expensive alcohol, the fastest car or a few weeks on the highest hotel’s floor. Some will spend time in a good company of beautiful women. And now a lot of them may use a weed. From 2017 in Las Vegas edibles and all cannabis products are legal!


tasty cakes in the city of Money
tasty cakes in the city of Money

Every place is public…

 In recent years some U.S. states have legalized recreational marijuana and Nevada was one of them. Now every adult can buy and apply a weed. However, a lot of people want to use a lighter version of marijuana. They can choose edibles – products that consider cannabinoids. Among them you can find a lot of types of food because, to be honest, you can add it to almost everything. Of course the most popular are cookies but you can also find lollipops, chocolate, a fruit of butter. Another part of cannabis edibles are beverages, like alcohol, tea, cocktail or smoothie. In Las Vegas edibles are very diverse and everyone can find something interesting.

The popularity of cannabis-infused food has also another reason. Marijuana is legal in Nevada but definitely, it doesn’t mean that everyone can do everything. There is a lot of rules, e.g. about age or cultivation of plants. It is obvious that it is illegal to drive a car after under the influence of cannabis. But also you have to remember that you can use a weed in Nevada only in private residence! Maybe it is not a big shock that you can’t apply it on the street but it’s not enough. It’s illegal also in a car, a restaurant, a bar or a hotel room. When you are a normal tourist without local friends, generally you can’t do this in a legal way. If you win a lot of money, you will be able to pay a fine up to 600$. But you can have better ways to spend your fortune… From the other side, who will notice that in your cookies or cocktail is “something special”? It is still your risk, however, definitely, it’s better than smoking a real weed in a public place.

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Relax after a good game

 You have two options for buying edibles in Las Vegas. The first way is an online shop and the second one is a store on the street. Definitely, you can’t order it in a restaurant or a bar because…Yes, I hope that you remember the previous paragraph. When we are talking about online shops, you have to find it on the Internet and wait a few days. But if you don’t have too much time or you don’t want to order it to your hotel, it’s better to find another way. In a physical store you can purchase it right now.

I would rather not give you the names of these shops because it is not a place for adverts. However, it’s not very hard to find edibles in Las Vegas. And you don’t have to walk in the suburbs and find dark and dangerous streets. A lot of interesting casinos or hotels are on the Las Vegas Boulevard, world-famous road. Along this street you can find some interesting shops with cannabis-infused food. Sometimes you have to turn left or right because they are not exactly on this street. From the Arts District or Gateway District in 5 or 10 minutes you can reach 9 or 10 shops. And it’s not everything because in Las Vegas edibles are available also out of the city center. In the north part, along the Bruce Woodbury Beltway or between university and airport you can also find shops.

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The city of money and fun

 In Las Vegas edibles shouldn’t be in the first place of your priorities. This city is intended to playing poker or roulette and visit luxury places. However, it’s not a bad idea to relax a little bit after a good or bad game. A weed mixed with gambling can be very dangerous and everyone should remember this. But maybe a bar of cannabis chocolate and a swallow of a “green” tea is not a bad idea? You have to think about it during your flight to Vegas.


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