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Safety first: Some Important Tips to Vape Safely

Safety first: Some Important Tips to Vape Safely

It is important to keep yourself safe before you do anything and the first step towards safety is knowledge, complete knowledge. Information is the key to safety. You can’t afford to miss any point of safety because the tiniest mistake can cause you a lot of trouble. Here are some safety tips that will help you get more alert while Vaping.


Vape Safely
Vape Safely
  1. The Right Device and the E-Liquid

So many pop-ups and advertisement on your screens and it’s natural to get allured by them. But purchasing any good-looking device from any website isn’t always a great idea. You have to consider the safety features before buying any vape. You have to make sure your device has vent holes, firing button locks and protection against overcharging. Devices without these safety features can be very dangerous.

Not every product available online is faulty, products from reputable brands will give you a good and safe vaping experience. There are countless amazing and vape deals on sites like Blazedvapes online. Read about every necessary detail of the product and then buy your vaping device.Devices with temperature control are also available these days and it is highly recommended to buy them. Such vapes are a healthier option because controlled temperatures don’t allow chemical reactions that take place on higher temperatures only.

Just like the vape devices, there are countless varieties of e-liquids. E-liquids from random brands may contain harmful chemicals. It is very hard to determine what all ingredients are there in it. Mishandling your e-liquid can put you in dangerous situations, that is why it is better to get your e-liquid from a reliable source.

  1. The Battery

 The battery is the soul of your device. Don’t take it lightly.

If your battery heats up too quickly, you need to stop using it right away. Batteries overheat when you overwork them. Overheating can eventually lead to an explosion or venting. Venting is an attempt of your vaporizer to cool down by some releasing of toxic fumes. It can be hazardous for you and your device.

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When you finally decide to get a new battery, make sure it is compatible with your device. Changing the voltage or making any other modifications can cause the batteries to explode or stop working. Keep the following in mind to keep your device and yourself safe:-

  • Do your bit diligently! Read every bit of information required for a safe vaping experience.
  • Don’t leave any chances of making a wrong combination. It is preferred to use batteries and devices of the same brand.
  • Always use a charger designated for your device. Buy the chargers that suffice the safety criteria. One should avoid buying cheap chargers as they do not undergo the necessary safety checks.
  • Don’t leave your battery on charging for longer than required. It will lead to overheating of the device, followed by an explosion.
  1. Be Cautious with the E-Liquid

The E-Liquid is not just some common liquid, it is composed of nicotine, flavours and some other chemicals. If a few drops of this highly concentrated mixture falls on somebody’s skin, it can cause irritation and allergies. This E-Liquid is not meant for direct consumption, a single drop ingested it can be hazardous. So be cautious with the tiny bottles, and make sure you do not spill any e-liquid while refilling the device.

  1. Avoid the Vaper’s Tongue

 Vaper’s tongue is a condition in which the vaping person loses the sense of taste. It happens when a person vapes too much of one flavour. The taste buds start responding less. To avoid such circumstance, keep yourself hydrated. Drink sufficient amounts of water and keep on trying new flavours. Inhale the smell coffee beans and other strong scents to reset your taste buds.

  1. Maintenance of the device

Maintenance is crucial for your device. As soon as the device gets old, all the parts start to deteriorate. Proper care will lengthen the life of your device and help it remain safe. Cleaning and maintenance become of greater importance when you have a custom-made vaporizer.

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Reusable vape pens need routine care too.

Every part of the device has to be cleaned separately. The e-liquids after burning repeatedly accumulate into a layer in the tank and this buildup is hazardous. That’s why you are supposed to pay special attention to the cleaning of vape tank as the chemical residues degrade the quality of the fresh liquid as well.


  1. Know your limits


The smoke from the vape is just vapour but it doesn’t mean that you vape excessively. Large white clouds are immensely attractive but you don’t need to vape beyond your limits. It’s not just about the clouds that you are chasing, it’s the deadly amount of chemicals you are exposing yourself to. Excessive vaping can cause a severe headache, vaper’s tongue and other problems.

Some Added Precautionary Steps:

  • Read all the necessary instructions given by the manufacturer.
  • Don’t disable the safety features given in your devices.
  • Replace the damaged batteries. Don’t mix and match the batteries and devices.
  • Keep loose batteries safe in a box, away from metal objects.
  • Avoid keeping your device in direct sunlight.

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