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What does catnip do to cats?
What does catnip do to cats?

What does catnip do to cats?

What does catnip do to cats?

We already know that cats are the nicest animals on earth, but how extensive is our knowledge about these animals? Do you have a cat? Or maybe you are a more dog-friendly person? There is still a grey area in between, but what if you really had to choose? Many dog lovers consider cats anti-social and self-concentrated animals. Although…maybe it’s time to adjust that opinion?


What does catnip do to cats?
What does catnip do to cats?

Thanks to the newest research, there is empirical evidence that cats are quite social. According to the study, cats not only love social interaction with people but they even like it more than eating food. Well, tell this to your dog.

The research

A total of fifty cats were tested for the study, both domestic cats and cats from the shelter. The cats were denied toys, food and people for several hours. After this, the researchers presented different stimuli to the cats, which can be divided into four categories: social interaction with people, food, smells and toys.

Cats aren’t social? Really?

You might think that the domestic cats were more social than the cats from the shelter, but that is not the case. According to the researchers, there were no significant differences between domestic cats and the cats from the shelter. But what was even more striking: social interaction was the stimuli that most cats preferred. Half of the cats preferred social interaction over all other stimuli, while only 37 percent preferred food.

What does that mean? Cats are actually pretty sociable. They need social interactions with humans. Although it is likely that the individual preference of cats for socialization is influenced by their life history or breeding background, the researchers state. So they remain somewhat unreliable.

Became a Catwoman

It is a deep-rooted cliché: the woman who has not been able to find a man, instead is content with a herd of cats. But, in some parts of the world, it is believed that a cat can improve your love life. If it is at least a black one.

In Japan, for example, people think that a woman with a black cat attracts more men. And in some parts of England, a black cat is the ideal wedding gift. They would bring happiness and joy to the bride. And besides, who does not love these sweet little creatures?

Why do people have pets?

People have always lived together with animals because animals are useful in many ways. Animals provide food, protection, status, clothing, heat or fertilization. But pets are nowadays mostly kept as a company. So for the social function.


Many studies have shown that the social function that pets perform is also useful for people. Keeping pets promotes, among other things, the development of children, health and social contacts between people.

Most cats can be very nice if they are left alone for a while

Some cats, have such a strong bond with humans that they start to get all kinds of mischief when you are not there. Destroying, peeing and yelling everything. If you do not want to have a 2nd cat, you have to deal with the cat a lot and play with him until he gets tired. Do not give food until you leave. You can also visit Petsho online store and buy some cat toys to make your cat concentrate on playing rather than destroying your home.

Experience is important

Cats that have grown up with other cats and continue to live in groups – such as breeds and stray cats – are generally very social because they learned that during they kittenhood. But even among these cats, there are big differences between animals. There are many cats which prefer to live alone.

Only at home

There are people who propagate that cats always have to live with a congener. They forget that many domestic cats are still kept on their own. If such a living cat becomes older and less playful, the owners suddenly want a kitten. And then it goes wrong because this cat is completely unhappy to live with other cats.

Cats are not exchangeable

Cats are individuals with their own character. You can not exchange one cat for another, for example when a cat dies. The new kitten will be completely different! If you want a cat, you will have to make a good match based on character and lifestyle.

Cats can feel strong stress

When you leave your cat alone at home, he can simply miss you. In this case, it is good when the cat has the company of another cat. Of course, it would only work if your pet is a sociable one. However, if for some reason your cat feels stressed all the time, you can take him to the vet or try to support him on your own. Do you know what is catnip? Catnip is a special, perennial herb, loved by cats. It reduces stress and can make your cat happier.

The differences between cats are so big that you certainly can’t say that every cat is a social cat. Look carefully at what your cat needs, that is your only guide!

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