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Top 4 best apps for budget management
Top 4 best apps for budget management

Top 4 best apps for budget management

Top 4 best apps for budget management

I will bet that each one of you has the same problem. There are simply days, or even weeks, when we forget to spend the money wisely and just lose control of the budget. I experience this during my holidays. When I come back, I am afraid to count the costs, because I know that the planned amount could have been significantly exceeded. That’s why I use more and more technology in my everyday life and especially apps that make it easier for me to manage my home budget. I would like to introduce you to those that made a positive impression on me or that interested me exceptionally.


Top 4 best apps for budget management
Top 4 best apps for budget management

You Need a Budget

I’m going to start with classic genre and an application, which many of you can associate with well. YNAB is a great tool for financial management, which has a module for planning expenses and prompting, where it is worth cutting the costs of everyday life. Cool is an extensive system of help, courses and tutorials (English only).

YNAB cooperates with more than 12,000 banks around the world, although unfortunately there are no domestic institutions among them. Unfortunately, the application is paid for. You can download it for free for 34 days. Then you have to pay 50 dollars for an annual subscription. The program works on Android, iOS and online devices.

2. Money Lover

A very popular application with a principle of operation that is similar to that of an Accountometer. We can also have full control over expenditure, plan the budget and track individual costs, such as fuel or bills. A nice feature for travelers, because the application has a built-in currency converter – so you know how much we spend on holiday on an ongoing basis. The program is available for free download on mobile devices with Android, iOS and Windows.
link: moneylover.me

3. Wallet

It is one of the best and most extensive applications for financial management, which is interestingly created in the Czech Republic. The program is free of charge, but there is also a more extensive version of Premium. The application can be downloaded to your Android and iOS device, as well as using the web version.
The principle of the application is not innovative. The programme analyses expenditure, helps to plan the budget and indicates what we spend most on. The application has a synchronization module with the bank, thanks to which it is possible to collect reliable information about the state of the user’s finances.

4. Fuelio

And something else for the drivers, because we know that spending on fuel and car maintenance consumes most of the household budget. Fuelio is a free, very powerful application to control fuel costs. The program creates charts, shows the places of refuelling, and also suggests what will be the expected cost of travel from A to B.

Everything is very clear and the logbook can be kept for several cars powered by different types of fuel (petrol, diesel or LPG). The application is available for Android devices.
link: fuel.io

Banks also come to our aid

Best mobile banks already offer their customers mobile apps for easy access to their accounts from their smartphones. Some of them are so extensive – I mean mBank and ING tools in particular – that they can easily be used to manage their money and control expenses.

The undeniable advantage of using a banking solution is the fact that there is no need to pass on information about one’s finances to third party applications. In addition, the information obtained in this way is much more reliable because it comes directly from the account.

There are, of course, more programs and applications facilitating home budget management, so I am counting on your activity and pointing out further proposals in the comments. Think that somebody can take advantage of them and in this way start their adventure with wise money management.

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