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Motorhoming in Europe & England
Motorhoming in Europe & England

Motorhoming in Europe & England

Motorhoming in Europe & England

The number of people who travel by a motorhome has increased enormously in recent years. But it isn’t surprising at all: you have the freedom to go anywhere you want, you have all the comforts with you because motorhomes are usually self-sufficient with power, water, toilet and shower), and you are not dependent on campsites. If you are planning to travel through Europe with your motorhome, then there are some things to look out for.


Motorhoming in Europe & England
Motorhoming in Europe & England

How to motorhome travel in England?

Motorhoming in England is a true adventure. In England, you will find beautiful nature, cute villages and cool cities. You discover the very best with your motorhome. The great thing about a motorhome is that you are flexible and that is very nice in England. You can visit several places of interest and do several activities. With this article, you will learn some various useful tips. But first of all, to admire this wonderful views and nature, you have to buy used motorhome if you are not the owner on one yet.

Motorhoming in England. Tour the country carefree and admire all the beauty

A lot of beauty is to see. Do you dream of visiting cute villages of stone houses with beautiful rose gardens? Imagine yourself in the motorhome, touring through the rolling hills that are grazed by herds of sheep. Or would you rather park your motorhome just outside London to visit this metropolis? You don’t have to make a lot of plans, just think up every day what you want to do and then drive to your next destination. You can also do nothing at all or take a nice walk in nature. Travelling with the motorhome is also ideal if you are with children. The children can go their own way, play endlessly and also easily take a rest inside. The travel items are always within reach because you have a lot of space in a camper. And perhaps the finest of all, you always have food in stock. Sandwiches with toppings are always quick to make and even cooking can always be done. That way you will never be hungry again.

The toll for motorhomes in Europe

Tolls are levied in many countries in Europe. Depending on the country (and the size of your motorhome) you fall in class 1 (car) or class 2 (motorhome/car with caravan). If you have a very large motorhome you can even fall into an even more expensive category.

Alternative roads are available in every country, but it depends on the time, the weather and the traffic on the roads if you want to use them. Also note that not all ‘national roads’ are equally pleasant: roundabouts, worse road surfaces, many villages that you pass through. The advantage is that you see a lot more on the road and of course it saves money. And refueling is also usually cheaper than with a highway pump.
How to motorhome through Europe with pets

Many animal owners want to take their pet with them. It is 100% possile in European motorhome journey. Make sure that pets have been vaccinated before your trip. Do not forget the European pet passport. Also, you should pay attention about how your pet needs to be transported and if a muzzle is required. Consider taking out an animal insurance with a travel module.

How to manage your shopping during a motorhome travel?

Large supermarkets can usually be found in the commercial zones near the larger cities. At chain supermarkets (Intermarché, LeClerc etc) you can often also fuel more economically. In such stores, you can easily park your motorhome and do shopping.

Driving & Parking in Europe

Go well prepared. Know what you can do with your motorhome. Provide good map updates for your navigation system and, even better, for a motorhome navigation. You will not be the first to (almost) get stuck in narrow or steep streets. Then see your motorhome manoeuvre through it without any damage. Parking with a motorhome that is longer than 5.5 meters is almost always difficult, especially in cities. Therefore, be prepared in advance for each trip and make sure where parking spaces for vehicles like yours are.

For your overnight stay, you can choose to sleep wild (in a motorhome but on a random area) or campsite. In some countries in Europe, it is strictly forbidden to stay wild overnight, while in other countries there are tolerance zones where you can stay overnight. Check in advance which rules apply in the country you want to drive through. You cannot pour water or empty your waste water tank/chemical toilet on all camper pitches. There are special service places for emptying tanks/taps of water, indicated by signs. Sometimes service stations also offer service options.

Gas in Europe

Whether you cook on butane, propane or LPG, use the stove or heat the water in the boiler, inform yourself beforehand whether the country you want to drive through also has filling stations. There are countries where bottles are not filled, but where you have to buy a bottle. You can then easily return it when you leave the country. Take a number of types of adapter nipples for gas bottles so that you can connect any rental bottles to the system in your camper.

Tips for your motorhome trip through Europe

If you don’t want to drive your own motorhome through Europe ( for example, because it is too old), or if you don’t have a motorhome, but you want to discover the feeling of living in a motorhome, consider renting such a vehicle. Check whether you have a good motor insurance policy.

Below are some important tips for traveling motorhome around Europe:

Download the Google translation app on your phone.
Flashlights are very useful because not all camper pitches are lit.
WiFi is not everywhere or it does not always work well in terms of security. That means that sometimes you cannot retrieve mail.
Take route maps with you, even if you have navigation. Then you can determine the route a little bit beforehand and if your navigation does not work you can always find your way via your roadmap.
Do you use medication? See if you need a medicine passport. Especially if you use medical cannabis that you legally bought, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and jail time. Same with the CBD. Yes, you can buy CBD online in Canada legally and in most parts of Europe and North America, but better safe than sorry
Check the traffic rules of the country you are going to drive through.
Print useful information so that you always have it ready and are not dependent on the internet to look for something
Is there a negative travel advice for your destination? Or have border formalities suddenly changed? Check it out!
Keep something for self-defense near you, buy the best stun gun you can find on the market or pepper spray (the former is better), you never know when it can save your money or even your life

Motorhome route through England

Choosing a camper route in England is almost impossible to do. Yet you should try 2 charming routes presented below in this article. These roads are also wonderful when traveling by motorcycle. But if you choose to travel by motorcycle, don’t forget about your safety. Buy an awesome motorcycle helmet, jacket and shoes. Regardless of whether you choose motorcycle or motorhome, these routes are always just as great!

Route through Yorkshire

In Yorkshire, it is wonderful to tour through the rolling countryside, over narrow roads and along stone walls and wild hedges. During this trip, you can visit York, the imposing Castle Howard and the gardens and the ruins of Rievaulx Abbey, Bolton Abbey and Fountains Abbey. Also beautiful are the places Robin Hoods Bay and in Whitby, the home of James Cook. You cannot miss the remnants of the Roman Hadrian Wall and the Lakes District.

Route along the south coast of England

A route along the south coast of England is easy to make. Cross from Calais to Dover to drive from there along the entire south coast. Make the first stop in Eastbourne and pay a visit to the city and to the pier. Do not forget to visit the Seven Sisters, seven gigantic chalk cliffs on the coastline. Then drive to Portsmouth. As the name suggests, this is a real fishing town, and you can still find a lot of it. Boats, the naval museum and a beautiful promenade. Southampton is also worth a visit. Drive slowly towards the Lizard Peninsula. Here you will find beautiful bays, beautiful hidden beaches and caves. Poldhu Cove and Kynance Cove are really worth a visit. Also bring your snorkel.

During this camping holiday you can stay in really beautiful and breathtaking places. Good to know is that camping in England is in principle allowed freely, provided you have permission from the owner of the piece of land. There are also many beautiful camper pitches. There are also so-called Britstops. These are places where you stay overnight, often with a farmer, brewery or vineyard, where you can spend the night for free and usually can also eat. To be able to use this, you have to sign up. You will then receive a guide and a sticker to stick on your windshield, which makes it clear that you are a member.

As you can see, driving around England and around Europe can be an amazing and wonderful adventure. Just remember the early preparations and get on the road!


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