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How to keep your motorcycle away from thieves

How to keep your motorcycle away from thieves

Losing your property is disheartening but losing your bike is heart-wrenching! For every motorcyclist, a motorcycle is not just a means of transportation, it’s a companion. It’s a source of ultimate pride and happiness and not very shocking to know, your beloved motorcycle is eyed by a lot of thieves as well. We can’t prevent it from being noticed, but we can take care of the security aspects and make robbing it a difficult task.
There are abundant ways of protecting your motorcycle, but none of them ensures 100% security, not even keeping best stun gun available on the market in your pocket, because most likely the aggressor will fall down at your bike and you will have a big problem. But if you know how to use it you can end reading here. A right set of the following tips and a judicious implementation will help you stand a better chance of ensuring your motorcycle’s safety.

keep your motorcycle away from thieves

Let’s start with the basics…

To begin with, let’s talk about a few basic things one could do by being more alert and mindful. You can start off by keeping your motorcycle out of sight. The less it is seen outside, the lesser it is prone to theft. It is always a good idea to park your Motorcycle in a shed or a garage. In absence of a garage, park it in a place where you can keep a vigilant eye.
While choosing a parking spot in public, minimize the time you are giving to the thief to steal your bike. A dark secluded corner is never an option. Go for a well-lit place while parking outside. Thieves always look for their chance and your duty as the owner of the bike is to make sure that they don’t get it!
If you are living in a good locality, do not carry the false sense of security that your belongings are safe. We say this because nice localities have nicer things to offer. Don’t make yourself an easy target by believing your motorcycle is safe in your ‘nice neighborhood’.

The advanced security measures

Every motorcycle or your new and shiny awesome motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth in the bike’s trunk can be stolen from any kind of place, this makes an effective anti-theft strategy necessary for your motorcycle’s safety. The fancy alarms, expensive disc locks, chains can easily be defeated but altogether they create a laborious task to accomplish. Removing the hurdles one by one can put them at the risk of getting caught. The anti-theft strategy has to be layered with multiple security measures in order to make it practical and effective.
As every thief tries to lessen the time of the theft, it is a good idea to make the theft as cumbersome as possible. A thief never wants to get caught and these safety tips will make them vulnerable:

1. Lock the steering

This one is most basic yet an ignored safety measure. This is a feature embedded in your motorcycle and it takes a second to use it.

2. Use a cover

Using a cover has a very psychological idea behind it. Out of sight will keep it out of mind. A cover will hide what’s inside and prevent the potential thieves from falling into temptation. If you do not have a garage, buy a cover.

3. Buy a strong and a high-quality disc lock

A disc lock will not allow your bike to move. They are small and convenient to use. If you have to leave your bike in public places for longer durations, consider using two disc lock (1 for each wheel). Also, secure these locks in a way that minimizes the bike’s potential to roll further.
These days the disc locks come along integrated alarm sets. These do not only alert you in a theft attempt but also, prevent you from riding with the locks on (which happens commonly).

4. Chains and anchor

Chains are a very conventional and easy to break the mode of safety, yet they reflect an idea that the owner of the bike is alert. Use high-quality chains and loop it through the frame. Looping from the wheel is more helpful as it will make the rear wheel immovable.
Remember, chain benefits only when it is complemented with an anchor. Secure it with something impossible to break. Also, do not fix the anchor to the ground as somewhat it’s easier to pull it out.

5. An Alarm System

Most of the thieves fail to disarm an alarm as it requires electrical skills and these days alarm systems are made to outwit the thieves. That is why alarms are a good deterrent for thieves. There is a variety of security alert systems, some embedded in the locks, some with paging systems and some with GPS tracking. They are not just alarm systems; they are smart alarm systems now.

Pro Tips:
A cheap security system is a security never bought. Always go for good equipment to tackle thieves.
Buying is not the end of the game; use them on an everyday basis. Even on busy days, do not forget to apply them.
Enter difficult to interpret key numbers and pass codes and keep a record of them.
Always remember that a thief thinks a step ahead of the owners, therefore, it is necessary for you to act smarter and place the security measures in a smarter way.

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