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Download FTS 19 FTZ Apk & Obb Data (FTS Mod 2019)

Download FTS 19

Download FTZ 19 Apk & Obb Data (FTS Mod 2019)

FTZ 19 Apk is another moded version of First Touch Soccer 2019 with unlimited coins and money to unlock many features as well as buying players, upgrading stadiums getting new kits and so on. So if you want to try the new FTS Mod FTZ 19 game, you can freely download it from this post without any password or unlocking game zip files or whatever.


FTZ 19 Apk & Obb Data
FTZ 19 Apk & Obb Data

FTZ 2019 is gaining a lot of popularity as the day is going by, and many game lovers are interested in having a feel of it on their Android device.

It is a game (an android based touchscreen one) with a not-too-heavy download size. It is just about 300mb, and it comes with a superb graphics. Due to the smoothness of the graphics, your favourite players will seem so real on your device.

Have you played the PS 4 before? Did you see how superb and real they seem to be? Do you love the feel of the games? Did you discover the fun that comes with the smoothness of the graphics? Then, we want you to know that you can have an interesting replica of the PS 4 games on your phone with this game!

There are a lot of game lovers all over the world. You will find them in different countries and continents – in Nigeria, in Kenya, in China, in Japan, in India, in Pakistan, in the United States of America, in Canada, in South Africa, in Brazil, in Mozambique, in Germany, in France, and so on and so forth. For many of them that has had a feel of the FTS MOD FTZ 2019, it was noticed that they found the game so addictive.

It was so enjoyable that many games lovers are ready to spend money meant for feeding on downloading the game.

In this article, you will see how you can actually download and transfer the OBB and DATA files to their main locations in an android device memory.

You might be wondering if this procedure would be easy or hard. Well, it is quite simple to do and set up. The reason why some things seems difficult to do is because we don’t properly take note of instructions (or adhere to them appropriately). When you follow the guides below, you will see that it is something easy to get and do.

fts mod 19 team squard selection
fts mod 19 team squard selection


You know, Google play store makes things very easy as far as downloading and installing is concerned. All you simply need to do is to search for the needed app and then go ahead to download it, and after it is completed,  it will install itself on your device and you simply go ahead to launch it and begin enjoying it.


FTS 19 mod playstore
FTS 19 mod play store

However, there are some important games that are not available on the Google Play Store – due to various reasons. This game, in particular, is not available to download there. Not because it is not of good quality for users, but because it was made by another modder who chose to leave the source in a third-party web page.

Now, let us highlight some things about the First Touch soccer 2019 FTZ Mod and explores some of the details.

The developer of the FTS Mod FTZ 19 Apk is currently, unknown, but it size is just 256mb (not too heavy if you are conversant with certain things).

It has been downloaded over 50,000 times, and it was last updated July 2018. Additionally, it will support Android 4.0 and above, and out of a 5, it has a rating of 3.

 FTS 2019 mod dribbles

fts 2019 mod dribbles
fts 2019 mod dribbles

Where Are The FTS MOD FTZ 19 Apk + OBB Data Download Links?

Here are the links you can download FTS 19

Simply Download FTZ 19 Apk Here (52mb)

Simply Download OBB File Here (113.5mb)

Simply Download Data File Here (90.19mb)

After downloading the FTZ 19 (First Touch Soccer 2019) Game On your Android device, how then can you install and begin to enjoy playing the game on your phone?

The steps are simple, just ensure you pay attention to the instructions and adhere to them carefully. Then, you will see that in no time, you are already enjoying your game on your Android device.


fts 2019 Ronaldo in Juventus
fts 2019 Ronaldo in Juventus

First, make use of those links we shared above to

Download the FTS MOD FT Z 19 Apk.

  1. Additionally, from the link above, download the OBB file too.
  2. After that, also download the DATA.
  3. Now, from the Google Andriod Play Store (since your device is Andriod, you should have this already), go ahead and download either of ZArchiver , Winrar or Winzip.
  4. Proceed to Install the FTS MOD FTZ Apk. Take note that you shouldn’t open the game immediately after installation.
  5. Now unzip the OBB file on your device
  6. Then, proceed to the File Manager or File Explorer part of your phone and move the unzipped OBB file to the OBB folder that is inside the Android folder in the memory of the device.
  7. You can now unzip the DATA file
  8. Then, once again, move to your File Manager or File Explorer and move the unzipped DATA file to the DATA folder that is inside the Android folder in the phone’s memory.
  9. You can now go back to the android menu. Then open the FTZ 2019 app and start to enjoy the game on your device.
fts 19 controls
fts 19 controls

Features Of FTZ 2019

You get to enjoy incredible performances from the likes of Mo Salah, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Paulo Dybala, Paul Pogba, Kante, Romelu Lukaku, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eden Hazard, and some other players.

Some Stadiums have been added. You can even have a feel of the ones used during the 2018 world cup in Russia

New club kits can be seen, and more tournaments have also been added.


First Touch Games has shown to be a serious game developer for many, with impressive records. Various developers are attaching themselves into this tunnel by bringing up more modified versions of the games. Get more tech tips, VPN, Game Modes from our top categories

As a user, you can enjoy your FTZ 2019.


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