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Whatsapp Night Mode
Whatsapp Night Mode

Whatsapp Night Mode Swipe to Reply + 25 New WhatsApp Facts

Whatsapp Night Mode

Whatsapp To Get Night Mode, Swipe to Reply and More Features


Whatsapp will stop working
Whatsapp Night Mode

Whatsapp for Android and iOS has just been updated with a new feature. If you have been using Whatsapp since 2013, you will agree with me Whatsapp is now a computer app where you can find everything check  2 Important things About WhatsApp Update for iOS I will not forget so soon how much money I have made on WhatsApp as a result of meeting with friends who turn to be potential business partners and business clients. That’s the power of innovation, you keep watch on competition and adding new features to stand out. Update – Hack WhatsApp group, Admin

No wonder soon WhatsApp released Swipe to Reply, Dark/Night mode and expandable group participant list.

Whatsapp Swipe To Reply

Whatsapp for Android is set to get the swipe-to-reply feature. This feature is already available for iOS users. Although Telegram has gotten this feature for long now.


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  2. Download Royal WhatsApp Transparent Mod v5.50

Just as the name implies, Swipe to Reply will allow users to quickly reply a message using a swipe right gesture. With this, you will no longer need to press and hold the message to get a reply button. Whatsapp Night Mode Learn how to Backup Whatsapp Chats to your Gmail free

I believe we are not new tonight mode feature on apps. There are many apps out there with dark mode feature, the likes of Telegram, Twitter app etc. Whatsapp dark mode will be available for Android and iOS sooner or later.

Expandable Whatsapp Group Participants List

Whatsapp expandable group participants list shows a More button when there are more than 10 participants. Clicking the More button will present the full group participants list.


Facts About Whatsapp the you dont know

WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging service for mobile devices that relies on the internet for the transmission of messages. As of January 2018, the mobile messenger has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users worldwide and ranks as one of the most popular social network ever.


WhatsApp Facts

  • Website: whatsapp.com
  • Launch Year: 2009
  • Headquarters:Mountain View, Ca
  • Apps: iOS | Android | Windows | Mac OS X
  • Number of WhatsApp Employees: 120 employees (Last updated 1/18/16)

WhatsApp Statistics

How many people use WhatsApp?

1.5 billion

Last updated 1/31/18

How many people use WhatsApp Status:

450 million daily active users

Last updated 5/1/18

Average number of daily voice calls made on WhatsApp:

100 million

Last updated 6/23/16

Amount time spent by WhatsApp users making calls on it each day:

2 billion

Last updated 7/31/18

Average number of WhatsApp video calls made daily:

over 55 million calls per day

Last updated 5/9/17

Average number of WhatsApp video call minutes used per day:

2 billion minutes per day

Last updated 5/1/18

Percentage of monthly WhatsApp users that use it daily:


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Last updated 2/20/14

Number of daily active WhatsApp users:

1 billion

Last updated 7/26/17

Number of messages sent via WhatsApp daily:

65 billion

Last updated 5/18/18

Total number of WhatsApp groups:

1 billion

Last updated 2/1/16

Number of languages supported by WhatsApp:

60 languages

Last updated 7/26/17

Percentage of WhatsApp Android app installs that are uninstalled:

6.2% (Least uninstalled Android app)

Last updated 3/7/16

Number of video messages sent via WhatsApp daily:

1 billion

Last updated 7/26/17

Number of photos shared via WhatsApp daily:

4.5 billion

Last updated 7/26/17

Amount that Facebook bought WhatsApp for:

$19 billion


Amount that Google reportedly offered to buy WhatsApp for:

$10 billion


Estimated number of WhatsApp users in China:

2 million

Last updated 7/19/17

Number of WhatsApp users in India:

200 million

Last updated 7/4/18

Number of WhatsApp active users when Facebook acquired them:

450 million monthly active users

Number of countries that WhatsApp is banned in:

12 countries

Last updated 1/5/17

Number of countries WhatsApp is used in:

180 countries

Last updated 2/3/18

Number of companies using WhatsApp for Business:

3 million






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