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Dent Free Mobile Data App aplygist.com
Dent Free Mobile Data App aplygist.com

Dent Free Mobile Data App

Dent Free Mobile Data App

Send Data And Prepaid Top-ups with Dent App

Welcome to DENT, the #1 Telco Blockchain project with over 3.5M users already!DENT Afterburner“, the New Loyalty Program
Mobile Users get benefits while holding DENT on their phones.

There is another internet data sharing app nearby called “Dent App”. On the first download, you get 30 Dents worth 150MB which you can send to your telephone. It causes you to send mobile data to loved ones effortlessly. This is the best free data app that gives heaps of free mobile internet data for perusing and downloading on your gadgets when you download the app.



Dent Free Mobile Data App applygist.com
Dent Free Mobile Data App applygist.com

How To Get Your Free Data

  • First, Download Dent App Here  
  • Install and sign up with your Facebook, or Gmail account (manually)
  • After successful sign-up, you get free 30 Dents (150MB)
  • Now to get even more dents, click on “INVITE NOW” to share your unique referral link with your friends on social media.
  • Once someone downloads and sign up through your link, both of you gets free 20 dents. Interesting right?

That’s how Dent App works, so what are you still waiting for? Start accumulating dents to get more internet data free of charge.


Note that Dent app works on both Android and iOS devices and for Android, you must have a device running Android 5.0 and above.

What to do if Dent Airtime Sold Out?

You may have noticed that recently some of the Nigerian networks like 9Mobile, Airtel and Glo has been labeled as “sold out” on dent which means you are no longer allowed to buy or get mobile data from those networks. So what is the solution to this sold out issue? Personally, I believe it’s because of massive patronage from Nigerians but it those networks will return back soon.

Another update on the dent app is that users are now allowed to buy data only twice per day. You are also not allowed to get the data under the space of 10 minutes. I.e, after requesting for data now, you have to wait for 10 minutes before you request for the second and final data of the day.

Dent Mobile Data App Networks supported
Dent Mobile Data App Networks supported applygist.com

About Dent App

Dent App is a mobile data top-up app as of late launched to enable you to buy data on systems, for example, MTN, Tigo, Cell C, AT&T, Airtel, 9Mobile, Glo, Verizon, Movistar, Telcel, Vodafone, Orange and so forth. You likewise get free data to remunerate when you download the app and when you share the app with your companions through your remarkable referral connect. Indeed, you can profit with Dent app as you utilize it.

Dent App is presently accessible in Nigeria, South Africa, United States, Mexico, and Brazil yet the engineers guaranteed to add more nations to the database soon.

You can recover or cash out your Dents as data. You can likewise buy Dents with PayPal or allude companions to win more Dents. You stand an opportunity to get boundless data with more dents.


Download the App and get 30 DENT free!
The initial target markets for the DENT apps are USA and Mexico. DENT is providing an easy way to send data top-ups to any AT&T and Verizon customer in the USA and for any Movistar and Telcel customers in Mexico.
DENT mobile apps are among the very first consumer products to leverage Blockchain technology. We have succeeded in using a cryptocurrency (DENT) in a way that the users do not even notice using one.

A Game Changer?

DENT liberates data and airtime.
Today mobile data and airtime are among the most desired commodities, but access is controlled by only a few companies in each country. Unused data or credit expires every month which means billions of dollars of profit for the operators — at the cost of the users. DENT aims to liberate the usage of mobile data, driven by the DENT Marketplace using Blockchain technology.


Happy Birthday DENT! In just one year, DENT has become the fastest growing #Blockchain project with over 3 Million Users and growing! Thanks for your support everyone, let’s get the second year started!

DENT is now listed on @COINBENE!  #DENTCOIN #BTC #ETH #BITCOIN #Cryptocurrency #blockchain #entethalliance #crypto #trade #gsma #ethereum #data #topup #5G


DENT APP IS AGE 1 applygist.com

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