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Waymo leading Uber Self-Driven Cars : Bloomberg Fact

Waymo leading Uber on Self-Driven car Race

Are you a lover of motors, especially Self-Driven Cars? Then these research findings are for you!

As you may think Uber is the current most leading Self-driven car race, you are wrong this time as studies conducted by Bloomberg reveals that Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo is leading on the race to start the world’s first driving business without human drivers.

The race that got the locomotive industry especially the automobile industry did not start today. It has been indeed an intriguing journey, as we have seen a significant improvement in the 21st century. Though so far 2018, No other company is offering for-hire rides yet, let alone preparing to carry passengers in more than within the towns.


Though the future sound so good coming, however, there have been setbacks with Self-driven cars using ber Technologies Inc. and Tesla Inc which have recorded incidents such as :
Recent crashes that caused the death of a pedestrian (in the first known case of a person killed by a self-driving vehicle)
A driver using an assistance program touted as a precursor to autonomy
Waymo’s autonomous vans were involved in a collision just last week

Waymo has developed a phenomenal system and is ahead of the pack,” said Brian Collie, head of Boston Consulting Group’s U.S. automotive practice, who singled out the top two. “But that’s very different from being able to manufacture an autonomous vehicle. You have to look at GM. In Europe, Daimler is leading the pack.”

Who is winning Self-driven cars race today?

1. Waymo has run self-driving cars over 5 million

According to our research conducted, and a revelation made to applygist.com, the company Waymo has hit 5 million road miles in 25 cities and done billions of miles in the computer simulation, which it uses to update its self-driving software on a weekly basis. Waymo Chief Executive John Krafcik has informed the public on a deal plan to make ad addition 20,000 Jaguar I-Pace SUVs to the fleet and signaled that an in-the-works alliance with Honda Motor Co. could focus on delivery and logistics.

So far, Waymo self-driven Cars top the self-driven car race as Waymo motors recorded less accidents comparatively while testing in California last year: Waymo had three collisions over more than 350,000 miles, while GM had 22 over 132,000 miles.

2. GM’s Chevy Volt: The next company with a clean sheet on self-driven cars

The company cling the second place on self-driven car race as GM motors has recorded some achievements. They have a factory north of Detroit that can crank out self-driving Bolts whose functions boost GM in obtaining manufacturing right and reduce production costs without having to depend on partnership fundings.

If you are thinking of purchasing an autonomous version of GM’s Chevy Volt , the price is about $200,000 to build, comparing the cost of about $35,000 for an electric Bolt for human drivers.
According to Kyle Vogt, founder and chief executive of GM’s Cruise Automation unit, He said that the program will soon be using new Lidar developed by Strobe, which the automaker acquired last year.
GM nearest plans is an investment of $1 billion of its $8 billion annual capital expenditure budget to develop self-driving cars and mobility services.

3. The next big thing on Self-Driven Cars race is Mercedes-Benz V-Class



These guys started the race since 1990 S class Sedan when they introduced an innovative Cruiz-Control ride. Currently Mercedes has manufactured a car brand system equipped with technology enough to sensor near-by pedestrians and avoid other accidents. They are working on new technology systems using a system from Silicon Valley intelligent computing company Nvidia Corp. The test cars can drive at Level 4 autonomy or even Level 5, which means the car doesn’t need a steering wheel or pedals to operate.

4. Ueber position 14th on  Self-driven car race 

Self-driven car race Uber


Uber’s President, Carnegie Robotics co-founder Eric Meyhofer, has spearheaded Uber’s self-driving car program. Among the mistake, Uber made which cost it so much heightened when Alphabet filed a trade secrets lawsuit against Uber. The case showed when Anthony Levandowski, who co-founded Otto after working on Google’s self-driving car had downloaded copies of work emails and sensitive files at Google. This lawsuit cost Uber $245 million in Uber equity.
This has so much shaped the draw backs th company faced in the Self-Driven car race

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