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NetifyVPN for free browsing

 Here is How to download and Use NetifyVPN.apk For Free Browsing

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Hi tweakers, meet NetifyVPN, the new modded Psiphon handler application Useful for free browsing

About  Netify VPN

Netify works like Psiphon and
SyponShield yet with some new plans and remolded settings.  This Modified
Psiphon application  have been tested  for various frebrowsing tricks accessible at
this point.

The first  tried was the Etisalat chat pack and
socialme tricks and they simply connected in seconds. You can
trying it with different tricks such as the Etisalat 0.00, MTN 0.00,
music plus, BBLITED, blaast cheat and so forth…

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Netify VPN Basic Features

  1. It is completely redesigned with new graphics
  2. There is no connection key this time on the notifications bar
  3. There is no place to add or remove region or countries. (Yet working)
  4. There is no more options settings
  5. Default handler settings is there but with new user interface
  6. New icon
  7. No Sound and vibration notificatio

 Netify VPN  How to Download

 Click the Download Button Bellow
Before you do this, kindly disconnect and force close your Psiphon or SyponShield app. on your Phone1. Now open Netify VPN
set it up as follows:
2. Tick remove port
3. Proxy type: Real Host
4. Proxy Server: www.twitter.com
5. Real proxy type: Inject
6. Real proxy server: Leave it blank
7. Real proxy port: 80
Now click save

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