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IT JOB Lagos- Join the Cregital Team

IT JOB Lagos- Join the Cregital Team

In Need of an IT/Web Development Job in Lagos and across, Ping Cregital Team founded by Evans Akanno

If you are searching for the best company which have built a reputable brand in IT and Web Development, Digital Design & Development Agency , Cregital should be your top three and in this article, I will tell you why.

Cregital Jobs

I have been to their office in Surulere Lagos and bro its simply amazing. When I first got in, I was lost for few moments, the standards of Cregital is classic. But as we kicked up a conversation with the Cregital team headed by Evans, I fell in love with this IT company, and all I wish for was to own such a luxurious, high standard organization one day.

Digital Design & Development Agency
Cregital is an agency of designers, developers and, strategists who collaborate with brands to increase their value and impact through branding and digital experiences. IT JOB Lagos- Join the Cregital Team

Opportunities at Cregital include

Brand Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer, Mobile App Developer, Software Developer,Content Writer, Growth Hacker, Project Manager, Account Manager, Cofounder

An Invitation to the general public by Evans Akanno  

Here is an open invitation to join the future Cregital team, people who believe in the profits of hard work, who have big dreams of designing brands and web products for in a fun and rewarding environment.

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We work really hard and for longer hours too but we have a reputation for giving a 3 week holiday between 15th December and 8th January. We love to travel and enjoy movies and play video games too. We currently have no need to look for investors as we have built a profitable business for 3 years.

We have never owed salaries in the past 35 months except for CEO and the lead business manager (leadership means work). We offer lunch at the office and zero-interest staff loans just in case you need a Macbook or if you need to relocate closer to the office.

We are pivoting the Cregital business to build tech products and I need to ensure that we have the right team for the next stage of growth.

Every position is vacant including that of Cofounder. All I need is people who are ready to work in a rewarding environment. Apply from anywhere in the world. I will host an open-house event in April at our office and schedule online chats with selected people to discuss career opportunities.

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The simple reason why we tell stories about our work is to inspire people and prove a point about the profits of putting in the work.

We all need a new set of mentors. Mentors that we know what they actually do for a living, mentors that you can learn from their stories of hard work and resilience.



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