Android 8.0 Oreo gains over the past 7 days, becomes available on 1% of Android-powered units

Android 8.0 Oreo

first made its debut in the smartphone market in August of last year, but since then, has not been able to break into many devices. Late last year, the smartphone was just pushing 0.7% on a global scale, putting it behind Marshmallow (6.0) which had the all-time high results as of then.

Android 8.0 Oreo



Things have changed now though (not by much), and the Oreo can be seen on a little more than 1% of all Android devices. That is a significant boost that sees the new software edge past the Android M.

This revelation was made possible when Google published a map of all the operating systems on devices that had connected to the Play Store during a period of 7 days, ending yesterday (5th of February). That map shows that the Oreo had a 4% boost from the last test, earning a cumulative total of 28.5% as a result.

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The only thing Android O still cannot do is syncing data with Mac computers. An app that is must have for any Android user who owns Mac is
SyncMate allows connecting Android devices to Mac (that is impossible with built-in Apple tools) and sync or transfer data between devices. No matter which data need to be synced or transferred – contacts, events, media or even whole folders – SyncMate will handle this.

Sync is performed directly between devices, without the necessity of transferring data to the cloud.


It is expected that these numbers continue to grow, given that the software would be the choice for upper mid-range and high-end smartphones that would hit the market this year. As soon as Samsung finalises the modalities for rollout to its


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