Incredible! Snapchat to introduce ‘Live’ updates, broadcast highlights from the Olympics


Winter Is Coming’ is a statement that has come to be associated with the popular HBO series, Game of Thrones, but the Olympics can now borrow that and use it aptly. In preparation for the winter Olympics games, Snapchat has gone on to include a Live Video feature to its application.


This new feature will roll out on Saturday, and from then, would be used to keep users engaged on happenings at the Olympics. Called ‘Live,’ Snapchat hopes to bring users all the interesting highlights from the games, what is happening at the moment and all other related information. The advantage here is that the user gets to see everything all in one place.




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As is with most Live status update features (such as we have seen on WhatsApp and Instagram), these updates would only be up on the server for a period of 24 hours after which they will be automatically deleted. That gives you enough time to look through the video moments on what happened at the games for the day.

If you have been entertaining fantasies about how you would also use the Live feature to broadcast yourself, you should stop right now. Snapchat aims to partner with NBC to broadcast the event exclusively, but they would not be allowing users the luxury of doing that too.

The deal with NBC, all aimed at giving the user (you) a great experience, is in more parts than one. Asides the live broadcasts, NBC will also be at the production helm of two Snapchat shows (Pipe Dreams – to feature snowboarding talents from the Olympics; and Chasing for Gold – a show that would star athletes from the US Team). Both shows would be fielded under the Discover tab, and be available up until the 25th of February.

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Additionally, there will be a launch of special context cards that would contain all posts from athletes, leaderboards, schedules and every other thing related to the competition.


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