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Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas You Can Start Now and Earn Money 

Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas

Making A LOT of money on the internet is similar to making money anywhere

Today, we would be sharing with you an amazing tutorial put by a high-earning internet-prenure, who through his 9 years of internet presence learned the skill of internet wealth. Rather than waste your precious time to share junk links claiming to pay you after you share on social media, why not follow the steps suggested by myself and Precious then build a sustainable business online. Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas I have been a blogger I started Tech and Gospel Blogging in 2016, 2 years after that, I can tell you Blogging has put me in a position of which my Degree certificate could not have landed me so suddenly. Before I finished NYSC in Ogun state, I have already furnished a small Salon, and paid for a small accommodation in Lagos of which I settled to build my internet business.


Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas

Today I earn nothing less than $400 – $600 a month, of which over 20% goes back into investment and another 30% Rolls to my small Agro farm I started in the village. I may not be so big right now, but one thing is guaranteed, I have started building a business of which at a ripe stage would get me to the millions shared in this tutorial. So please get your mind ready, don’t believe you will wake up one day and one miracle money will fall from the sky get over such dream. There is no cheap way to success, success comes to those who are desperate.  Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas



Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas

And like the basic everyday life, you have to sell something (a product or a
skill offered as a service).
The good part is you can sell practically ANYTHING you can imagine online, and
still make a killing and you’ll not be restricted by the boundaries and shackles of
the offline market such as location, reach, setup cost etc. Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas

Digital business opens the whole world to you, the whole world becomes your
market, you can stay here in Nigeria and sell products to thousands of people in
USA, UK without ever having to go there or pay any extra cost. Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas
You can sit quietly in Akwa Ibom and someone in Kano, Lagos, Anambra will buy
your product. You don’t have to go open stores there and they don’t have to
drive down to Akwa Ibom to buy it.

All you need is to pick an idea you can use to provide value to other people’s
live and they’ll pay you for that value.
In this short report, I’m going to share with you 7 internet business ideas that are
super easy to setup and very profitable.
You can pick any service you can think of right now, build it online and turn it
into a profitable business working just a few hours every day in your bedroom.

So, cutting to the chase below is a list of some of the businesses exactly like

1.Create Your Own Digital Products
This is the by far one of the most profitable internet business models that
anyone can get into, it includes creating eBooks, Video training or software to
solve a problem. For example, if you have a great strategy for “Getting Back
Your Ex Girl/Boyfriend”, create a book or video training around that and start
selling immediately. Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas
If you have a method for “Whitening Dark Knuckles and Toes”, create a book or
video training on it and you’ll see thousands of light-skinned women (natural or
bleached) here in Nigeria that will fall head over heels to buy your product and
solve their problem.
The key is to make sure that whatever you’re selling is solving a problem, that
way you’ll always have a line up of customers waiting to buy your product.

2.Build eCom Stores for Clients – Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas
With so many people selling physical products right now and trying to get into
the physical product business, you’ll have millions in potential client base to
reach and setup eCom stores for.
The 2 biggest platforms now are Shopify and WooCommerce and the good
news is you can get really incredible themes on places like
www.ThemeForest.net, all you need is to install the theme, customize it with the
client’s logo etc, add contents and more

Eventually, upload their products and redesign how the products are displayed
on their store to give it a unique look, the job is mostly just dragging n’ drop, save,
upload kind of stuff, you don’t need to code anything, with the availability of
thousand of readymade well-designed themes, you need zero technical skill.
These themes sell just around $20 – $60 etc ( N7,400 – N22,000).
But you can charge customers as much as $300 – $2,000 (N110,000 – N750,000)
for every single eCom store, you build.
Your target audience won’t just be the international market, they’re millions of
Nigerian marketers who want to run eCom business selling to Nigerian
an audience, you can charge them for this setup, they’re also millions of stores
(clothing stores, furniture stores, skin care/beauty shops) littered all over Nigeria
as well who want to take their business online, some already have crappy
looking websites/Facebook/Instagram profiles, you can charge them top dollar
and get paid really well to do something so easy.

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3. Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas – Create Pitch/Training/Whiteboard/Explainer Videos

Right now, the biggest name in the game for marketing is “Videos”. You’ll never
see a website in the market right now without one video (except if it’s truly
outdated). On Facebook, you see it everywhere. Videos are the best way to get
attention and sell anything. Individual marketers, Small business owners, and
companies know this.
But what you don’t know is that these same companies, marketers, and business
owners (in Nigeria and internationally) pay as much as $120 (N45,000) per
minute of these videos created for them.
Nigerian platforms like Orange VFX, NaijaGoSocial are charging companies
Hundreds of thousands of naira for a single 3D animated video or motion video,

in fact, they’re so costly that most regular Nigerian marketers and small business
owners can’t afford them. Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas
But this is good news for you for 2 reasons:
– individual internet markets & small business owners is where the big market is,
I’m talking millions of clients
– It’s very easy and cheap to make these videos and you don’t need any special
In fact, it’s hard to believe that for videos people are paying $120 – $1,000 per
minute of it when you can actually create them with a simple software.
You don’t need any technical experience, all you need is to spend little time and
master this software with readymade technology for creating these kinds of
videos and you can be banking millions every single month servicing your clients
while stacking up the title of a Professional Video Editor or Video Production
Expert as an extra perk

GoAnimate —- $39/Month (you make unlimited 3d animation videos)
Explaindio —- $69/Year (you make unlimited 2D & 3D animation, explainer,
whiteboard, doodle sketch and professional videos)
EasyVSL —- $197/Year (you make the best and most professional sales videos
EasySketchPro —- $97 One time Fee (the most robust doodle sketch, cartoon
and animation video maker)
VideoMakerFX —- $47 One time Fee (very advanced video production and
editing software with readymade elements to create super engaging videos)
Doodly —- $59/Month (the simplest to use drag n’ drop doodle sketch, cartoon
and whiteboard video creation software)

Shakr —- $99/Month (the most supported video creator for making videos for
Facebook ads, Youtube ads, social media engagements, product focus)
You don’t need all of them, just find 1 or 2 that suites the kind of video services
you want to offer, start using them, make kick ass videos for your clients and
charge them big bucks.

4. Native Writing and Content Production- Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas
This is not your typical article writing or blogging/SEO stuff, if you want to earn
$5 – $10, good luck offering gigs to write those SEO articles for Adsense littered
Native writing is not about keywords or SEO rankings or just content quantity.
Native writing is designed to engage an audience, get them to read the content,
connect with the ideas of the content, share the content impulsively because of
the value it delivers. In fact, native writing/content thrives on referral, viral and
social media traffic because every of the content gets shared 10 – 1,000 times
across social media platforms. Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas

It’s how big publishers like Huffington Post thrive.
Best part is that native content always gets the audience to take action, maybe
subscribe to an email list or buy a product without sounding salesy or pitchy. Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas A
native writeup may be talking about a memorable trip to Calabar while subtly
promoting a particular hotel or restaurant in Calabar, it will come in naturally as a soft promotion, you’ll never suspect it.
Native writers get paid $100 (N35,000) upwards for a single content… there’s no
the measure of length or target keywords, the only thing that matters is how
engaging the content is, some writers charge as much as $600 per content, the
cheapest you’ll see is $50 (N18,500) for a single content.

Want to know more about native writing, research/Google: native advertising,
native marketing.
Other than native writing, you can write Novels, Stories, Books, eBooks for
people on different topics and get paid as much as $100 (N35,000) – $200
(N70,000) for a single 20 – 40 page Book/eBook, I offered this service in my early
days on Upwork (oDesk/eLance back then) to get the some initial capital to
invest in my other internet businesses, I also did content writing.

5. Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas – Social Media Management
Do you see the influx of Nigerian small businesses and marketers with
Instagram/Facebook account right now.
I mean think about it, just about every clothing store I walk into now is
introducing me to the Instagram profile or Fan page asking me to follow them,
it’s crazy. Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas
But not for you… in fact, for you this is dream come true.
95% of these small business owners and marketers don’t know what they’re
doing with their IG and FB accounts, they barely have up to 100 followers/likes,
their accounts are not very active, their organization is poor and they’re not
getting sales from it.
So you setup portfolio, take the Instagram account off their hands and manage
it, drive insane activity to it.
I’m talking sharing real engaging content that will get likes, go viral and get
them new followers, actively commenting, liking, reposting and following other
people in same niche to build up their profile then actively engage their
followers and make sales.

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And you don’t even have to struggle trying to do everything manually, they are
very powerful automation tools that can take care of most work for you.

Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas
Schedugram —- $20/Instagram account (manages all your instagram content,
schedules posts in advance for you, comes with fully feature image editor)
SproutSocial —- $99/Month (all in one social media marketing and management
platform for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+)
Crowdfire —- Free to get started (grow your Instagram/Facebook followers, give
you viral content daily)
Gleam —- $39/Month (run contests, sweepstakes, go viral and collect emails of
your Instagram followers)
Hootsuite —- $19/Month (all in one social media marketing and management
platform, probably the very best).

6. Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas – Run a Group Coaching Program

Are you an expert or have great experience in wooing ladies, fixing troubled
marriages, dieting and burning fat or just about any niche? You’re a walking cash
machine my friend.
You just need testimonial of one successful person to provide you with credibility
if you’re new and you’ll blow up your fortune.
You can charge people 10,000 – 15,000 naira per month to be in your “Private
training group”, you can have the private coaching group on Slack, Skype,
Google+, Facebook or WhatsApp and it’s free. In the international market….
most group coaching programs start from $99/month, very few are charging
$19/Month – $27/month and that’s only when they’re beginners and trying to
build that initial credibility Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas

All my friends run paid private coaching groups, all you need is to guide them
daily/weekly and help them achieve their goals.
Having just 20 students at 10k/month is 200,000 naira per month business, one
of my friends runs a “Dieting to Lose Weight” group, he releases a custom diet
plan & workout routine every month, he’s got over 260 paying members in the
group right now and it costs over 9,000 naira ($27) per month to join so do the

7. Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas – Start an eCom business
There’s a reason building eCom stores for clients made this list because eCom is
the new cash cow for retailers, small business owners and internet marketers and
it’s not restricted to the international market. Guaranteed Internet Business Ideas
There’s a reason Konga etc. are killing it right now, it’s solid proof that even
Nigerians are now shopping heavily online.
I have a lot of friends that their entire internet business is based on selling
physical products online ranging from apparels to phone cases, gadgets and
skin care products and they’re all banking heavily, it’s so easy and you don’t
need to rent a warehouse, shop or get bullied by those local government tax
forces, you’ll do this from the comfort of your home. I have a Nigeria based
eCom business myself doing 500,000 – 1 million in sales per day so this is
something I do myself too as part of my overall income stream, you can bet I
won’t be wasting my time with it if it’s not a serious and scalable business model.
And getting started with eCom is so easy especially if your target audience is
Nigeria because the traffic is stupid cheap.

So, there you have it…
Go ahead and start something, don’t be one of those guys that gives unlimited
excuses on why something will not work for them, ideas themselves doesn’t
make you rich, you have to take action.

If you have any questions, ask Precious on ==> http://facebook.com/group/createbuildsell

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