Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Ogbongeblog

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Ogbongeblog

Jide Ogunsanya Owner of Ogbongeblog Has made a new App release. The Nigerian prolific Blogger made this known on his website stating as follows

I’ve set up a Facebook Messenger chatbot for Ogbongeblog.

You can try it at m.me/ogbongeblog

The chatbot will enable you read latest updates from Ogbongeblog in Messenger by just sending “latest posts” or “latest updates” as a message to the bot


Facebook Messenger chatbot for Ogbongeblog.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Ogbongeblog

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Ogbongeblog


Besides that, you will be able to subscribe to latest updates so you won’t miss out from any blog post I publish on the blog. If you subscribe, latest posts will be delivered to your Facebook inbox automatically. You can un-subscribe anytime you want!

In addition, users of the blog chatbot will be receiving notifications of offers, freebies (free ebooks, vouchers, gift cards) etc right in their Facebook inbox and will also be able to access featured posts, categories etc via the chatbot menu. I will be integrating more features to the bot in the long run.

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You can try it at m.me/ogbongeblog

If you need it for your blog, you can contact me. NOT free though.

If you want to learn how it works and how to set it up, attend my training coming up this saturday in Lagos.

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