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FREE DATA DAY GLO Declares 28th September Free Data Day

Great News Here in Aplygjst/ As we Announce to you another offer from Glo.

Remember last month, Glo Announced a Friday were its customers could browse the internet absolutely free for some hours! Yes this great offer has returned and is back for better.

Its important that despite Free data day declaration by Glo, always remember no reward comes without a price! If you don’t run, you can’t win. So the browsing will be free but you must have maid your own contributions.


IT’S HERE AGAIN!!! 28th September is FREE DATA DAY! Use 100MB+N150 Voice Calls OR just N250 on Voice Calls in the preceding week to enjoy a day of Free DATA

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What this simply means is that starting from this week use a minimum of 250 Naira either by consuming 100  MB data and 150 calls or 250 Naira call from 7 da before September 28 Glo free data day. Then on 28th September 2017, you will be among Applygist to enjoy surfing the internet free using Glo free data day. Definitely we at Applygist use more than 100 mb every day just to keep our readers abreast of free internet and sweet free offers like Free Glo data day. So we would encourage you to be part of the free internet day from Glo.


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How To Activate Glo Free Data Day By All Customers


What is the Glo Free Data Day offer? It is an offer which rewards Glo customers Free Data for a whole day when they meet set voice and/or data usage threshold in the week preceding the free data day. Customers enjoy the free data on that day without any need to opt in or subscribe.

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Who is eligible for this offer? All Glo customers who meet the set threshold.
How do I know the Free Data Day? You will receive an SMS from Glo announcing the forthcoming Free Data Day
What do I need to do to enjoy this offer? Once the Free Data Day is announced, ensure you use either of the following in the week (7 days) preceding the free data day: ➢ Minimum of N250 on voice calls OR ➢ Minimum of N150 on voice and 100MB data from any (or a combination) of : I. Pay as you use II. Existing data plan
Do I need to opt in or subscribe to Free data day before I can enjoy free data on that day? No you don’t have to dial any code to opt in or subscribe in order to enjoy free data day. Just ensure you spend N250 or more on calls within 7 days to free data day OR you spend at least N150 on calls and use a minimum of 100MB within 7 days to the free data day. Free daily devotional

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