Npower Teach Test

Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests – See information : UPDATE

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Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests

UPDATE: Writing N-Teach Assessment Tests? See information you don’t want to miss below.

If you applied for N-Power Teach? See details Very important plus Questions and Answers you would not want to miss out

#NPowerNG, Good morning,
PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS CAREFULLY, Assessment Tests for N-Teach start today.

When you log in, some of you may be able to write
your test immediately, while some others will be
scheduled to write your test at a future date and time.

Npower Teach Test

Some others may be told that their BVN Validation is in
process so we advise that you check back on Friday.

For some others, you won’t be able to log in or you will
see the term “INVALID” because your BVN records
don’t match your application and your application
journey has come to an end.

Finally, for those who ticked certain competency skills
when you applied for N-Teach, you will required to take
a second test, a STEM test.




TO START Npower Teach Test 

Npower Teach  Test link

Here is a video

Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests

Before today, Npower tweeted on there website that Teach test Starts today,

Good evening,
If you registered for N-Teach and your BVN records
match your application, please log in with your BVN
and phone number to see when you are scheduled To Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests


We at are glad to inform you that Npower Teach has already started Test and So many People have already written test and so many Others are scheduled to write from now to August 30, 2017. is the best website you should follow to get updates regarding applying for Npower from the beginning until the end of the exercise. e always update information regarding applying for anything Online.

Let’s go straight to the point no wasting time. What do we all need to Know as regarding Applying for Npower Teach, Follow this closely and share this post link on Whatsapp and Facebook or Tweet for others to benefit? Feel free to Message Us using the comment box or Join our Whatsapp group Contact Npower Whatsapp Group admin on 08169561788 we have 2 large groups to share information with you FREE.

If you Encounter Problems Like this, Here is what to do

Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests

Question – The quiz will not be available until Monday, 14 , August 2017, 12:00 AM
This quiz will close at Thursday, 31 August 2017,
11:59 PM, Time limit: 20 mins , Grading method: Highest grade, This quiz is not currently available

Answer – It states the time you can log in to write your test.

Question – Sir…You everyone who apply N..teach can log in abd write test even if he didn’t receive text message from u

Answer– Yes sir.

Question– I attempted part one of STEM test before your update came out. I didn’t tick competency skills during registration

Answer– You did sir.

Question– It would have been more assuring for @npower_ng to announce that. The N-Tech however, has been opted out on their web site
Answer– No one applied for N-Tech in 2017 sir. To what are you referring?

Question– @npower_ng What about those who applied for #NTEACH between July 15 to July 27…When are they going to write their #TEST?????
Answer – Log in with your BVN and phone number

Question – More @npower_ng please kindly give urgent response to my message. Tried doing the test and here is what I got. Please respond ASAP

Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests

Answer– It is written plainly the time you can log in to write your test.

Question – @npower_ng … Does this mean I can start my test now?

Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests
Answer– Yes sir.

Questions– Is telling me invalid log in, when is the test coming up,

Answer- It means your BVN records don’t match your application sir

Question – @npower_ng this what I was shown, may I proceed ??

Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests
Answer- Yes please.

Question – @npower_ng Please clarify, we were to write our test today after the postponement, Now this.
Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests

Answer– Over a million people applied for N-Teach, we have had to schedule people in time slots so everyone can write conveniently.

Question – @npower_ng good gracious! You deserve Best Customer Service Award. I am not involved but loving your replies. Patient and tactful. LOVE
Answer– The simple ‘promoter formula’: If you treat customers nicely, customers will speak about your brand nicely!

Question  Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests – How do we write the STEM test? Please respond o because you’ve never reponded to any of my tweets before
Answer – You write it like any other test

Question – Please confirm this-Salihu Abdulrazaq, N-Teach-2017-000002362591-74. Invalid but am very sure no mistakes when i applied. Thanks
Answer Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests – If it is invalid sir, it means your application journey has come to an end

Question – It Seems @npower_ng System or Something Added STEM Test For Som Applicants, Even Me. And We Don’t Know Y
Answer– Here is why sir, at the bottom of your application, you ticked certain skills, the STEM questions tests those skills

Question – @npower_ng ..what is happening.. Please.. This is what I saw when I login this morning.. Does it mean I should wait till 16th August..
Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests
Answer Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests – Yes sir.

Question – @npower_ng I was schedule to write my own test next Wednesday. Too far me ooo. Any way will wait….
Answer – Would you rather not write at all?

Qustion – I did my online test july 20, my dashboard is saying Device is not available. Does it mean i did not pass the test?
Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests

Answer – No it means that you can pick a device when you are selected

Question – @npower_ng Morning handler! Please I wonder whether I can know the stage of development as regards backlogs. Thank you
Answer– They are done in batches sir

Question and Answers as regarding Writing-Npower Teach Assessment Tests


N-Power Teach Volunteers will help improve basic education delivery in Nigeria. N-Power Teach Volunteers will be deployed as teacher assistants in primary schools around Nigeria. They will not replace the current teachers, but will work as support teachers across Nigeria, assisting with teaching, school management and other functions within the schools. Where possible, they will also assist in taking basic education to children in marginalised communities.


Do you have any skills related to computer programming, computer graphics design, computer generated images, animation, server administration, database management, networking, etc? Then, N-Power needs you.


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