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How To Easily Withdraw From Your Bitcoin Acc Directly To Your Local Nigeria Bank Account

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How To Easily Withdraw From Your Bitcoin Acc Directly To Your Local Nigeria Bank Account

How To Easily Withdraw From Your Bitcoin Acc Directly To Your Local Nigeria Bank Account

Please not that if you are also accessing this page from other countries (not Nigeria) that the procedures can also be applicable to your country, only the local bank we may be mentioning or the merchandise in Nigeria may also defer from the once in your country.

How to Withdraw from Bitcoin Acct to Your Bank Account

For every counties there are online financial website/agents that can facilitate your online transaction whether you are buying or selling bitcoin. The most important thing is that the money will be transfer into your local bank account.

So therefore, we are going to be listing sites where you can buy or sell your bitcoin through your bank account.

  • BitX


The is a popular site where you can do any any of this. Not just that, BitX is a wold wide  online financial website/agents and the peoples’ choice also because they have made every thing more easier then ever.

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Now From BitX you can get full information on Bitcoin Exchange & download Blockchain Software fast and save from virus. Not only that, with the latest Bitcoin Smart Wallet App for iPhone and Android you can stay in your comfort home and do your transaction free, save and fast.


But you have to sign up for BitX account by visiting

  • Instant Gold Nigeria


The Instant Gold Nigeria is also basically for Nigerians and We highly recommend to use it (if you are in Nigeria). It is a popular electronic exchange company specialized in buying and selling of different types of e-currencies like PerfectMoney, Okpay, Bitcoin, etc. You can also sign up for new account on

  • PayPal Account

PayPal is a world recognized online account because its very powerful, fast and secure to carry out an online transaction. But the only reason why its not listed first is because in some countries like Nigeria you can’t withdraw from paypal account, instead you can only do shopping or make payments online for the moment.

To sign up for paypal account is very simple

How to Sign Up for Account

You have to first visit the official website of any of the above listed sites, then click sign up, select your country, then  fill the form, go to your email and verify your account, then, then upload your document for verification of identity and address as instructed.

After all of this, you now choose what task you want to carry out, whether to sell (which is to withdraw from your online Bitcoin Wallet account) or to Buy (which is to deposit into your Bitcoin wallet account). It takes up to 20 to 24 hours form your transaction to complete. Please note that charges applies.

With the above listed electronic exchange companies you should now proceed to Withdraw from Bitcoin Acct to Nigeria Local Bank Acct or other Bank account (if you are Non-Nigeria).

Use our comment box below incase you have any question or face any challenges –  so that we can put you through.



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