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AdSense User First beta program – First Program Offers The Following Key Benefits

AdSense User First beta program

About the User First beta program

Welcome to AdSense’s User First beta program. You were invited to this beta program because you offer your visitors a good web experience, e.g., your pages are fast-loading or your users are happy with the ad layout on your site. With this beta, by meeting certain requirements, you’ll get early access to new features designed to help boost your revenue and provide your visitors with better ad experiences.

Before you can enjoy this offer, you will get an email with this

Dear Publisher,
You’re only one step away from joining AdSense’s new User First beta program.
With this program, you’ll get early access to new features designed to help boost your revenue and provide your visitors with fewer, better ads.
This limited access program is only available to our partners who offer their visitors a great experience, including lightweight, fast-loading pages for mobile.
To join the program, you need to make a few improvements to the speed at which your site loads. Here are a few things you can do. We will notify you when the changes you’ve made get you into the beta.

AdSense User First beta program


The User First program offers the following key benefits:

  • Timely, relevant ads for your users: Your visitors who are signed into Google will see ads that they’ll want to engage with more.
  • More valuable ads for you: User First’s targeted ads are better for your business and could increase your revenue.
  • Fewer, better ads: User First will start optimizing your ad load to create an even better experience for your visitors.

In the future, we’ll provide publishers in the User First beta program with access to new features and intelligent new formats. So, stay tuned.

Some features of User First may work better for some publishers than others. If we detect that they are not performing well for you, we may pause your participation in the beta.
AdSense User First beta program

AdSense User First beta program

How we measure the user experience on your site

The User First beta program is designed to reward publishers who offer a good user experience. To measure the user experience on your site we look at three metrics and calculate a score for each. Your scores determine whether you can take advantage of what User First has to offer. The better your scores, the more likely you can take advantage of the benefits. If your scores ever drop below the required level, we’ll provide you with recommendations to help you bring them back up again so you can keep receiving the program’s benefits.


The User First metrics are:

Site speed

How many seconds does it take for your pages to be rendered usable for visitors?

A faster site means better user engagement, less abandonment, and higher overall user satisfaction. Consider the following statistics:

  • ~⅓ of mobile users will immediately switch to another site if it’s too clumsy or slow 1
  • 1 in 5 dissatisfied users will never return to a website where problems have occurred 2
  • Mobile pages that load 1s faster see a 27% increase in conversion rate, which advertisers love 3

Having a fast site is one of the best things you can do to provide a good experience for your users.

Ad layout

What percentage of the ad clicks on your site are of high quality?

Low-quality clicks often occur when a user clicks an ad by mistake and then immediately clicks the back button. For example, let’s say you’re about to click “Next” to move pages but you click the ad that’s placed right above the button instead. Or, you’re about to click a link in an article when the page suddenly moves and you click an ad instead. AdSense User First beta program When content “reflows” like this, i.e., it moves within the viewport after it’s loaded, accidental clicks are common. In both cases, users tend to immediately hit the back button to get back to the content they were reading.

These kind of clicks aren’t good for users, advertisers or publishers. They annoy users by taking them away from your content, and they provide no return on investment for advertisers.

Whether or not your ad clicks represent the true intent of the user is an excellent measure of the quality of the overall ad experience. The lower the rate of low-quality clicks your site sees, the more confident we can be that users are having a great experience on your site and the advertiser is getting what they paid for. AdSense User First beta program

Ad satisfaction

How often do visitors mute ads on your site due to ad placement?

The “Mute this ad” Mute this ad icon feature gives users the ability to control the ads they see. It also lets them signal which ads they find uninteresting or annoying. This feature has benefits for everyone:

  • Users: Have control over ads
  • Advertisers: No longer pay to show ads to people who aren’t interested
  • Publishers: Get ads that perform better, and spend less time filtering out ads of no interest to their audience.
  • AdSense User First beta program

AdSense User First beta programWhen users choose to mute ads, we know they aren’t satisfied with the ad experience. There are usually two main reasons why users mute an ad:

  • They don’t want to see a particular ad
  • The format or placement of the ad interrupts their browsing experience.

To handle the first case, Google will stop showing a muted ad to that user and also stop certain other ads very similar to it that have been purchased by the same advertiser. For the second case, this is where good ad placement becomes critical. To calculate your Ad satisfaction score, we filter out the first case to focus solely on the effect of placement on your users’ behavior. AdSense User First beta program


In addition, in order to adequately optimize the ad load on your site, we’re only able to provide the benefits on sites that serve only AdSense ads. This is so AdSense can effectively measure and adjust the number of ads for your visitors automatically. To do this, simply review your site to ensure that AdSense ads are the only ones being shown to your users.

Your User First scorecard

Once you’re eligible, you can check your scores in the User First card on your AdSense homepage. AdSense User First beta program

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Score Description
Your site meets the requirement for this metric. Keep up the great work.
Your site is about to drop below the requirement for this metric. Now’s a great time to make some changes to improve your score.
Your site doesn’t meet the requirement for this metric. We recommend that you review our recommendations and take action to fix this.

Important: Note that a red score means that you don’t currently have access to the benefits (e.g., improved ad performance) of the User First beta program.
We don’t have enough data to give you a score right now. AdSense User First beta program

Note that when we don’t have enough data to calculate your score, we’re unable to provide the benefits of the User First beta program.

Recommendations to improve your user experience

Here are our recommendations if you need help to improve the user experience on your site:

AdSense User First beta program

Check your speed

Use the PageSpeed Insights tool to assess your current performance in more detail and get additional recommendations for how to make improvements. Another option is to check out Lighthouse, an open-source tool for improving the performance of your site.

When you know where to apply your efforts, you can choose a few optimizations to get started.

Ad layout recommendations

Ad placement is a big factor in determining the quality of your ad clicks. You should review the AdSense program policiesin detail to make sure your site is compliant. However, there are a few cases in particular to watch out for that often drive high numbers of accidental clicks. Make sure your site avoids these to ensure a better experience for your users

When your users are no longer muting ads, it’s a good sign that they can comfortably engage with your content and are satisfied with your ad placements.

As always, failing to comply with the AdSense program policies can not only get you removed from the User First beta program, but can lead to revenue deductions or your termination from AdSense. AdSense User First beta program

Send feedback

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the User First beta program. You can send us feedback by following these instructions:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. In your “User First” scorecard, either:
    • Click Send feedback.Or
    • Click More More, then click Send feedback.
  3. Enter your feedback in the text box.
  4. Check the box if you want to include a screenshot.
  5. Click Send.

If you’d prefer to opt out of the User First beta program, please contact support to be removed.

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