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How To Reduce Data Usage On Social Media Apps

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“Your Data Subscription Is Finished, Please subscribe to renew your data bundle”. 

Reduce Data Usage On Social Media Apps
Reduce Data Usage On Social Media Apps

This was the heart breaking message I got the first time I used Instagram. My hard earned 10MB was gone, I had no idea of what was going on… I guess it was probably because that was my first android phone. My ISP was probably like… 

Instagram is always buzzing with about 4.2 billion posts daily and countless hash tags, I probably got carried away and my 10MB was gone in 60 seconds. I’m more experienced today though. 

This does not totally leave out the other culprits. The vampires that use up your data and most times storage space. 

This isn’t Vampire Diaries so we’re certainly not going after them with sticks or vervain. Simple tricks would have saved you from heartbreak. 

Here are a few ways to save yourself from pain and reduce the data these apps use. 

#1. Use The App’s Lite Version

Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and Skype have Lite versions. These are versions of the app that 
are basically smaller and don’t use up a lot of data. The apps were basically developed for those with 2G connections and saves you a whole lot of data. So head over to playstore and grab a Lite version. If you’re not comfortable with the Lite version of Facebook, you can also turn on the data saver feature. 

#2. Limit The Number Of Videos You Watch 

“Discretion is the greater part of Valor ” this was quoted by Falstaff in King Henry the Fourth by Williams Shakespeare. I’m not giving you a history lesson on Shakespeare, I’m not even good at that. Basically you should know that streaming unnecessary videos take a lot of data. Why will you spend your data looking at girls on Snapchat that would keep staring at the camera without saying anything?.. It’s your data but if you want to save it, you’d better watch videos once in a while. If you’re data connection isn’t too strong, buffering will definitely eat up a lot of data. You could find third party apps that let you download the video instead. 

#3 Turn Off Background Data For All The Apps

This is the first rule of saving data. For most Android devices, head over to your settings and select data usage. Click on any of the apps then turn off background data. Turning this feature off simply means that you won’t receive any messages or notifications from the app unless you’re running the app. So your data is safe and protected from waste.

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