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Unbelievable! Things You Can Perform On Google Chrome Android Browser To Make It More Efficient

If you really need a good, fast and smooth browser, Google chrome browser is the best for you. It is owned by Google and is popular which makes it one of the best browser in the world. Google chrome is available on PC, it also runs on Android OS (operating system) and provides great experience for its mobile users which makes it more popular.

So in this tutorial, I will show you four (4) things you won’t believe that you can perform with Google chrome browser on Android version. Let’s see them.

4 Tricks You Can Perform On Google Chrome Android Browser

1. Enable Brotli To Speed Up Page Loading: You can use this, to speed up your page faster and smoother by opening a new page in the browser and enter the following URL: chrome://flags/#enable-brotli. Then on the next page, you will find many features, with the top one highlighted in yellow. Then set it to Default and Activate. You can restart your browser and apply the changes.

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2. Minimize or reduce your data consumption: You can reduce or limit your data consumption by going to Menu>Settings>Data Saver. So this will help you compress the size of files and pages.

3. Sync Tabs Between Devices: Just go to Chrome settings and enable sync. You can only synchronise your browser only when you logged in your Google account on all devices you want to sync with.

4. Enable reader mode: There are some websites that cannot be optimized on a smartphone but Google browser allows it in readers mode. To activate this, just open a new tab and enter this URL: chrome//flags/#reader-mode-heuristics. Then you will see an option to activate Reader mode. Just click on Default and set it on Always. You can then restart your browser and from now onward, any page you open will give you the option in reader mode.

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I hope you see four wonderful ways to limit data consumption, increase page loading and many others? These tricks will surely be helpful to you in daily basis.

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