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[Sponsored ]Pimax 4K VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses for Computer Notebook – Coupon: V2584SLOVA

Here is a Coupon: V2584SLOVA For Those willing to Buy Pimax 4K VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses Hurry 


 Item Description

Pimax 4K HMD is specially designed for Computer or Notebook. The minute you put on these high-definition 4K virtual reality headset and immerse yourself in the mind-blowing world of virtual reality. You first VR World will start from Pimax 4K HMD, just step into a whole new world. At the same time, Pimax team can offer much rich VR and Movie Resource and brings you various and wonderful Virtual Reality Games and Movies experience. In addition, Pimax 4K HMD integrates Visual, Auditory and Tactile Sense to offer you all-round Virtual Reality experience. It is a great companion for traveling or staying house. You will love Pimax 4K HMD.


[4K High-definition Screen]
Equipped with Patented Low Persistence Customized 4K Display Screen which supports resolution up to 3840 * 2160 (PPI: 806) and Refresh Rate (FPS)up to 90Hz in Asynchronous Mode, 60Hz in Synchronous Mode (Much higher FPS than average performance), offering Ultra high-definition & fluent frame.
[High-grade Aspheric Lens]  

Adopts Anti-blue rays double 53mm (diameter)Aspheric High Transparency Lenses which is more pure and offers distortionless image. Pimax 4K HMD owns optimal 110°FOV (super similar to human eyes) and ultra-low levels of light leak, you will feel strong immersive sense when wear Pimax 4K HMD to experience its included application scenarios.
[Abundant Game Resources & Movie Resources]
Pimax Team offers you more than 100 Virtual Reality Games, plenty of Movie Resources and Panoramic Photos (The Resource are being updated). Just enjoy wonderful VR Games and Movie Resources.  

USE Coupon: V2584SLOVA

[Wonderful Immersive Experience] 
Pimax 4K HMD is embedded with Dual Gyroscopes (1000Hz Refresh Rate) which can rapidly and accurately capture the direction of head movement (360° view of head tracking), effectively reduces the delay (achieving the latency time within 18ms) and reduces dizziness feeling, so you not fell obvious vertiginous sensation. In additional, its 3D Immersive Sound output that comes along with Virtual Reality World expand your horizon and make you feel like on the scene when experiencing VR games. 
[Ergonomic Design]
Pimax 4K HMD not only owns fashionable appearance and its weight is only 328g which is much lighter than Smartphone VR Glasses. Its lightweight design will not let the player feel pressure and burden. Pimax 4K HMD supports plug and play and adopts function buttons for easier control.  

Display Screen: 

Patented Low Persistence Customized 4K (3840 * 2160) Display Screen (PPI: 806)
Refresh Rate (FPS): up to 90Hz in Asynchronous Mode, up to 60Hz in Synchronous Mode.
Double Aspherical High Transparency lenses
Anti-blue ray Lenses to block out most of the harmful rays
Supports Auto Mist Removed and Auto-adjust Light 


Lens Diameter: 53mm
Field Of Visual: 110º
Pupil Self-adaption Distance: 58~71mm
Myopia Self-adaption: 0 ~ 500º
Sensing System: 
Embedded with Dual Gyroscopes (1000Hz Refresh Rate), Proximity sensor, Acceleration Sensor, Light sensor and Magnetometer. 

Audio Output:
Detachable Headphones with 3D sound field, 5.1 virtual channel, 40mm drive unite, 32ohm inner resistance, 112dB/mW sensitivity and 10Hz ~ 20KHz frequency response. 

USE Coupon: V2584SLOVA

Note: Pimax 4K HMD should be used with some High-performance Computers & Notebooks:
Suggested Computer Configuration:  
OS: Windows7 / 8 / 10 
CPU: Intel i5 equivalent or greater.
Graphics Card: 
AMD Graphics Card: Support AMD R9 290 equivalent or above
NVIDIA Graphics Card: Support GTX 960 / AMD R9 290 equivalent or above (Note: The computer with the Graphics Card of GTX 10 series cannot support the games of Direct Mode)
(PS: To ensure experience effect, some games may be restricted to run when the requirements of graphics cannot be satisfied). 
Memory: 4G RAM and above
Physical Interface: HDMI 1.4B or above, Standard USB2.0 or USB 3.0. 
Note: We suggested that you should turn on the computer first, and than connect the 3D Glasses VR Headset. 

User Guide:

Connect the Pimax VR to the computer (Suggest using USB 3.0 port of computer) and wait it recognize the current device (about five seconds), than it will run the VR game or video.  


Brand: Pimax   
Head Fixing: T Belt
Face Foam: Detachable & Replaceable
Sense of immersion: A+
Buttons: Power Button, Volume Up / Volume Down 
Inter Face: 3.5mm Audio Output Port. 
Color: Black 
Product Dimension: 18.0cm * 12.0cm * 9.0cm / 7.5 * 3.4 * 3.14in 
Product Weight: 417g / 14.7oz
Package Dimension: 31.5 * 29.0 * 11.0cm / 9.25 * 8.66 * 4.72in 
Package Weight: 1528g / 53.9oz 

Package List: 
1 * Pimax 4K Helmet-Mounted Displays (Comes with HDMI & USB 2 in 1 Cable)
1 * Detachable Head belt  
1 * Clean Cloth 
1 * Pair of Earphone
1 * English User Manual 

USE Coupon: V2584SLOVA


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