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How to Get Your Domain EPP From DomainKing Using clients.domainking.ng

Apart From OgbongeBlogs Difficult Step to Get your Domainking EPP Code, Applygist.com Has the ABC methods 

Yes No more Worries and Long Stories How to Get your Domain EPP Code From Trouble DOMAINKING.NG Host who is Suffering from a Bann. I have the Very simple Solutions. 

1. First of All, all you need to Do is Login to http://clients.domainking.ng/clientarea.php?

2. Login with your usual Login Details,

You have Full Access to your Domain Admin Area, 

3. Navigate to the Domain you want to Transfer From Domain King From, 

4. Open it and Click Get EPP Code , Your Domain EPP Code will display instantly.

Viola use it to return to domain Host where you want to transfer your domain from Domainking To. Then follow instructions.

You May Pick Interest in Ogbongesblog Methods Below visit his Blog for More 

Ever since NIRA shut down domainking.ng for not been able to provide services to their customers, alot of domain name registrants have been stranded as they can no longer access their domainking.ng account for them to be able to do the needful required in the transfer of their domain names from domainking.ng to other domain name registrars.

Well the good news is that, there is a an alternative way to login to your domainking.ng account for you to be able to access the domain names registered through domainking.ng.

Once you access the account, you will be able to disable whoisguard protection, disable theft protection and get the epp code needed for domain transfer.

How To Get Started

Go to : http://domainkingdk.myorderbox.com/customer

login to domainking nigeria to access domain names

Click on “forgot your password”

Enter the email address you use to sign in to your domainking account and click “send reset instructions”

Check your email for password reset link

Click on it to reset your password

Sign in and click on “Manage Orders” > “List/Search Orders”

You will see your domain names.

Thereafter you can proceed to do whatever you want with the domain names.

If you want to transfer them to garanntor.ng, kindly mail support@garanntor.com and they will help you with the process.

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