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Is the sluggish WiFi connection at home making you mad?

How about those dreaded dead zones that bring no end to the frustration? 

1. Before you start tearing your hair out, take control!

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Start by understanding that slow WiFi can be caused by numerous factors. That means there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But don’t give in to the desperation. There are two options: ONLINE GAME NOW AVAILABLE HERE 
    2. Call HelloTech, an on-demand tech support company that can send technicians to your home to boost your WiFi speed. They are nationwide and were called “the best, cheapest way to get good tech support” by USA Today.

      DIY. Here are five things you can do right now, by yourself, to boost your WiFi speed.
1. Find the Perfect Spot for Your Router



Poor router placement is often the cause of a slow WiFi connection. This can easily be solved by transferring the router to an optimal location.
This may take a bit of trial and error, but the right location will really help. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that the router is positioned at the center of your home. It should be placed on a flat surface and above floor level, as well. And, as much as possible, it should be out in the open. Don’t place it in a spot where it’s almost surrounded by concrete or brick walls. Make sure, too, that it is away from thick stone or metal walls. These materials an easily hamper and slow down the WiFi signal.

If your house has multiple levels, the best router placement is at the top floor where connection can be maximized. Also, take note that if WiFi signals bounce off walls at an angle, most likely the connection will slow down. So, position the router in a way that signals can go straight through walls, meaning at the center of the room as much as possible.
Avoid hiding your router inside a cabinet, no matter how ugly you think the device is. Again, it is best to have those signals unhampered by any walls or covers. As for the device’s antennas, position them perpendicularly for best results.
2. Keep Other Electronic Devices Away
Interference from other home appliances can seriously affect your internet connection. Microwaves, televisions, cordless phones, speakers, and even AC power cords impede WiFi signals. Therefore, they must not be near your router. Either move the router to a better spot (see above), or transfer signal-inhibiting electronics away from it.
Fairy lights can also negatively affect your WiFi connection. Move them away from the router or consider not using them. The same goes for baby monitors and Bluetooth speakers. Now, what if there isn’t enough space or it does not make sense to rearrange your appliances? A good solution is to get yourself a dual band router since this is better at handing interference from other electronics.
3. Strengthen WiFi Password and Don’t Share It
You have been generously sharing your connection with your neighbors. Now your WiFi is slow. Then, there is no helping it – you have to become a bad sharer. Change your password right away and don’t give it to anyone in your block. This way, users on your network will be limited. You can now hog the bandwidth all for yourself.
If you have not shared your password to anyone, it could be that someone still figured out and is now leeching connection from you. So, it is still advisable to change your WiFi password. Make sure the new one is strong. The more difficult it is to figure out, the harder it is to hack. Doing this will also boost your online safety since you’ll block hackers from spying on your network and stealing any personal data.

4. Schedule Regular Router Reboot
Another good way to improve WiFi speed is to reboot it every so often. This can be a pain, however, if your router is a chore to get to. Say, what if it is in the attic? And really, who wants to go through the trouble of manually restarting a router every day when you have other things in mind? The solution is to schedule router reboots.

This process is more complicated, though, since it involves a third-party firmware and a method called flashing. This basically means updating your router’s firmware into one that will allow you to schedule automatic reboots. You need to be a bit tech-savvy for this, or at least confident enough to follow instructions to the letter.
As to which firmware to use, DD-WRT is one of the top choices. Before setting it up, make sure that your router is compatible. Once you have it going, simply go to Administration > Keep Alive > Scheduled Reboot.
5. Execute a Perfect Router in a Tin Can Hack
Nope, this is not a joke. You can seriously use a tin can to boost your WiFi signal. A beer can will do and so would a Pringles can. All you have to do is DIY a parabolic antenna out of the can by cutting off the top and bottom part. Then, cut it down the middle so you will have a metal sheet. If you’re using a beer or soda can, don’t cut off the top part entirely; just remove the ring-pull.
Next, take your router and wrap the can-turned-metal sheet around the back of the router’s antenna. If you have ring pull hole to work with, poke the antenna through it. Don’t wrap the metal sheet fully though that you’ll end up with a cylinder wall around the antenna. Instead, the front part should be uncovered, so go for a dome-like setup.
The finished product might look funny but this does work. The tin can will eliminate interfering signals from other electronics. Plus, it acts as a reflective case that strengthens your connection. You’ll have a super cheap DIY WiFi amplifier and bonus points for recycling!
Call in Tech Support for Assistance
If DIY WiFi hacks don’t work, you can always ask help from the experts. The same applies if you want the fastest internet possible. HelloTech, in particular, are ready to serve. They are an on-demand tech support company committed to helping everyone across the US with their WiFi difficulties.
HelloTech holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau so they are reliable. They provide WiFi and network connectivity and support services. And they can also help extend your WiFi signal or help you set up a new WiFi connection. Their team can also assist with issues involving computers, smartphones, smart homes, and office technology.
The best part is that they have a HelloTech guarantee, which means if they can’t help, you won’t pay.
All in all, no one would want to be saddled with a poor WiFi connection. The above DIY tips can be the solution to a sluggish signal. And you can always turn to professionals for convenience.



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