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How To Fix “Unfortunately App Has Stopped” Error On Android

Frustrating issue! Android is one of the world popular operating system (OS) which is being used widely around the whole world because of its cool features, easy to customise and provides incredible Apps that performs different tasks. So this has made everyone who uses Android to hang around with their smartphone. There are sometimes, you decide to download or update your Android application and when launched or opened, you received an error message saying “Unfortunately, app has stopped” as if you force closed it.

Yea! This is frustrating and often times, lead in breaking your smartphone. The worst of all is that, the app would bounce back and close automatically after displaying the error message. So in this tutorial, we will be treating on how to solve the “unfortunately, app has stopped” error on any Android Device.

How To Fix Unfortunately App Has Stopped On Android Devices

1. Clear Cache And Data: Clearing cache and data is one of the best way to fix or resolve this issue as it cleans the storage system.

  • Just go to Settings.
  • Then tap on “Apps”.
  • Now, select the specific app that’s causing problems and clear it’s data and cache.

This will definitely free up some space and help you fix the problem but if it doesn’t, try the next method.

2. Update The App On Playstore: If the application is available on playstore, you should update it because the latest version will solve the previous version as new features and bugs are fixed in the newer version.

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  • Just go to playstore.
  • Tap on “My Apps And Games”.
  • Then, you can update the App causing the problems.

This will solve the problem if the app and update is available on playstore.

3. Uninstall And Reinstall The App: Re-installing the app is the best way to resolve the issue particularly on playstore.

  • Just go to Settings.
  • Tap on “Apps” and uninstall the app.
  • Then, go to playstore, search for the app and download it.
  • After successful download, install the app.

4. Remove Unwanted Launcher: Many launchers being used at the same time might caused this problem. It is better to use the default launcher than using multiple launchers or third-party launchers. So it is easy and simple to fix.

  • Just go to Settings and tap on App.
  • Now, go to “ALL” and select the launcher to uninstall it.
  • Then, go to the default launcher and clear it’s data.
  • You can now reboot your device and use the default launcher.

5. Wipe Cache Partition From Recovery Mode: Wiping the cache partition is also one of the best way to fix the error. It has worked for many users. So, this is how to go about it below.

  • Just power off your phone and hold the volume up and power key to reboot into recovery mode.
  • Select “Wipe Cache Partition” and use power button to press OK.
  • After successful clearing, just reboot your phone normally or use the message the will appear to you to reboot.

This process might wipe out the game data like high score and many others. So the problem will be solved.

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6. Factory Reset Your Smartphone: This method is the ultimate and will erase all the data on your smartphone and you will see no Apps on your smartphone even the causing Apps but only pre-installed or follow-come Apps will remain but you can backup to protect your contents. This method is very good to fix the error.

  • Just go to your SETTINGS and tap on “Reset And Backup”.
  • Then select Backup And Reset option.
  • Now, tap on “Factory Data Reset”.

This is the best method to resolve this issue because your phone will be as you just brought it.

You can always use these methods to remove the “unfortunately, app has stopped issue on your Android Device”.

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