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Hoverwatch – Best Android Mobile Phone Tracking App

Technology is growing at an unprecedented rate across the globe, and now everything and anything is possible to achieve through using technology. But as we all know that there are two sides of the coin, one is positive, and other is negative. With increasing technology and increasing penetration of the Internet you or your loved ones can face real trouble which can’t be avoided.
So, you may be asking yourself a question that how we can avoid all the trouble? Technology itself can only give the answer. There is a Desktop Application called hoverwatch which can utterly solve the problem related to security issues with technology.
Hoverwatch smartphone tracking app is developed by Refog Inc. This company is best known for itsRefog Offline Monitor App.
The Application has an amazing quality of tracking down cell phone history like call history, SMS history, audio, locations, photos clicked through both front and back camera, Internet activity history, activities done on different social media websites and like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, hike, and contacts. We can say that the Application gives you full control on others targeted cell phone to check all the activities which are taking place.
Now, your question would that how I can and why I should use that Application? I have answers for all your questions. In this guide, I’m going to tell and explain everything related to HoverWatch Application which is needed and will let you use this Application perfectly to monitor others cell phone’s activities. First, let’s check out details of the features which HoverWatch offers you.

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Salient Features –

Although, the Application has many amazing features to look for, I’m going to mention the most prominent one’s which will the most helpful ones for you.
  1. The HoverWatch Application lets you track all the details related to incoming and outgoing calls with exact time, date and duration of the call. With that, you also get access to all the outgoing and incoming text messages to SMS of the cell phone.
  2. The Application also has another great feature of tracking location for the targeted device. The Application gives you the exact locations of the device frequently.
  3. The Application also lets you keep a record of the activities done on social media websites like Facebook, Viber, and hike. Tracking of the send message, photos, videos, and audios can easily be done.
  4. HoverWatch is also useful to keep a record of the photos which are clicked by the targeted phone and also lets you see his face by a feature using the front camera of the targeted phone. This can be useful when someone steals your phone. The recognition of the thief can be easily done.
Thus, were all the salient features of the HoverWatch Application to look forward to.
Now, we’ll look at the tutorial you need to follow to know how to download, install, and use hoverwatch Application. The tutorial is divided into some simple steps. Here are the steps.

Steps to download, install, and use hoverwatch –

1. First of all, you have to download and install the HoverWatch phone tracker in your targeted device. If you’re not able to do that in the device then simply write the appeared short link and paste it in the targeted device.
2. Now, while once the installation is done you have to sign up to the Application with the original Email of yours. But, First while signing up you will see four options like below screenshot. Choose option carefully depending on your purpose. If you want to track your kid’s activities, then select my kid’s computer, if you need to check out activates of your employee’s computer then click on my employee’s computer if it’s your own computer then click on my computer and if it is someone else then click on others. (Choosing process should be carefully and appropriately it for better tracking).
3. Click on accepting terms and conditions option and proceed.
4. You’re almost done. Now you can easily track all the activities of your targeted device without any hassle.
5. Whenever you open the Application for the first time. You can click on update to get all the details of activates if your targeted device. Every time you open the Application you have to do the same thing to get all the updates.
Thus, was the steps to download, install and use the hoverwatch Application.

Why using the hoverwatch Application is the need of the hour?

Cyber crime is increasing day by day. Governments are working hard to stop cyber crime. But the cyber criminals are equally intelligent. They always have an idea about violating your personal data and using it for their own benefits. It seems delusional but cyber crime does exist and it harms and destroys anyone without leaving any clue.
Thus, having an Application like hoverwatch can become a blessing for you. Because you can track all the online activities of your children and loved ones to keep them safe and way from such kind of troubles. Even as a parent you can assure that you children are not engaging and having relations with people who are harmful to them and their innocence if you know what I mean?
It can also be useful for parents whose children are still very young and can’t take of themselves. By tracking their location by the help of hoverwatch you can make sure that are safe every time and not in danger. You can also keep a track on your children while studying to see that they’re actually concentrating on their studies or not.
The Application hoverwatch can be also very useful for employers who wants to have a check on the internet the mobile or PC activity of their employees. Many employees are engaged with some useless activities which are a negative sign for the company’s productivity. Having a close eye on your employee can make them aware of the working conditions and boost your productivity.

Final Words –

Finally, at the end, I have to say that you can easily trust in hoverwatch Application on not breaching your personal information and details for illegal purposes. The Application is defiantly trustworthy and worth of your time. For smooth installation and kindly read the above-mentioned steps properly. If the steps will be followed properly then any further issue related to the Application won’t arise. If you want to check the policies and terms of the hoverwatch Application in detail, then you can visit their official website www.hoverwatch.com.
Thus, were my thoughts and opinions on hoverwatch Application. Hopefully, you liked the article. You can kindly comment all your questions and suggestions in the comment section.
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