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erp software download – MixERP ERP for Small Business

BEST erp business software ERP for Small Business


MixERP is free and open source, built on the ASP.net framework. In its free iteration, you manage hosting and upgrading, but you’ll have access to support for $49 per issue. It’s a nice mix between do-it-yourself and complete outsourcing. ERP for Small Business

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The free version comes with all the bells and whistles, including inventory management, sales management, accounting, and HR tools to keep your business running smoothly. ERP for Small Business It does lack manufacturing and payroll management options, though, so larger companies will need to use one of the cloud or on-premises, paid versions.


The range of open source ERP options should offer a solution for almost any business. While implementations can go awry, making clear plans and having an understanding of the problems that you’re trying to solve with an ERP can take a lot of the sting out of putting one into place. ERP for Small Business

If you’re looking for a more extensive list of ERP options, check out Capterra’s full listing of ERPs, complete with reviews and feature breakdowns.ERP for Small Business

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Plans & Pricing
Host MixERP with us and save huge infrastructure costs from today. Stop worrying about buying your own hardware, managing web hosting, registering your domain name, deploying the solution, installing dependencies, patching new updates, managing your instances, and taking backups, and much more for as low as $3.90.

MixERP CE is an open source and free ERP software based on ASP.net C#. MixERP presents a suite of useful modules to assist you manage your day to day business activities. Developed with love by your friends at MixERP Inc.

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Save Cost without Cutting Corners
MixERP Community Edition saves you huge upfront and recurring costs from day one.

Why do you need to buy an ERP software when you get the best one for free?

Open Source
Downloaded by over a hundred people daily, MixERP has crossed 50 000 downloads.

Does Free Necessarily Mean Bad?
Free does not have to mean bad. MixERP is free as in both freedom and free beer.

Community Support
Got stuck on something? Ask your questions in the community forums today.

Only When You Need It
We do not force you to buy a commercial license. Use MixERP free forever and pay only 

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