ERP business software, business software

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ERPNext is an open source solution with the modern user in mind. ERPNext is designed for small and medium businesses and is presented as a series of apps. The whole system is designed for the less technical among us, which is both a blessing and a curse. 

ERP business software, business software

ERPNext’s simplicity means that it’s easy to set up, using simple forms to enter information about your business and walking you through the whole process in typical setup wizard style. It’s a feeling that quickly becomes familiar as the ERP is clean and user friendly. 

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ERP business software, business software

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Of course the downside is in expanding the ERP to fit specific needs for larger or more complex businesses. While there are built in tools for designing specific forms and reports, adding more complex elements requires diving headfirst into the code.ERP business software, business software

ERPNext is free for five users when hosted online, or free for any size business when installed on your own servers.


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