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Bitcoin News and Updates from Luno

We’ve had another fascinating month in the world of Bitcoin. 

The pricesurpassed February’s peak, only to dip down following the speculation over the Bitcoin hard fork, to steadily recover to the current level.

On the Bitcoin hard fork

There is an ongoing discussion about what is known as the Bitcoin hard fork, where a different version of the Bitcoin software could branch off from the current one.
Learn more about the hard fork and see our guide for what the potential outcomes may be here.

Bitcoin price alerts

We added alerts to Luno, where you can be notified when Bitcoin reaches a certain price. You can receive these custom notifications in the Luno app or via email, if you’re not logged into the app.

What Nigerians think of Bitcoin

In a recent survey to our Nigerian customers, we collected their thoughts on Bitcoin.

We used the data to create an infographic on how often they use their Bitcoin wallets, if they use it more as a payments system or an investment tool, whether they trust it or not and what they think the Bitcoin price will be over time.

Stanbic withdrawal delays

We are experiencing delays with withdrawals from our Stanbic bank account. The bank is aware of the issue and tending to it as a matter of urgency. We will update our dedicated status page once the matter has been resolved.

Important reminders for our Nigerian customers

  • Funds are not cleared instantly, but are processed 3 times per business day (excluding weekends). Find out more here.

  • Warning: Funding your Luno account from someone else’s bank account violates our Terms and Conditions, which will result in your account being blocked. The reversal of third party funding involves a lengthy process that can take several weeks. The unblocking of accounts is up to our discretion.
  • We only allow one verified account per customer. If you log yourself out of your Luno account and then forget your password, please contact us and do not try to open a second account.
  • Certain processes with Stanbic are imperfect, however,  we are busy working on improving them. Sometimes when you deposit money, even though you did everything right, it may not be automatically allocated and you need to send us your proof of payment via our Help Centre. Please note: We are aware of these inconveniences 
  • and we are working on better alternatives.

Mobile apps

Get the latest version of our iOS or Android apps and take your money with you, wherever you go:

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