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April 2017 Cheapest Call Tariff Plan On MTN, Airtel, Glo & Etisalat

This post will be updated on a weekly, Monthly or yearly bases depending on when changes are made by this networks, to include an updated list of cheapest call plans in all Nigerian telecommunication networks. So feel free to save, frequent the post for the latest cheapest call tariff plan.

Hello guys and welcome to this post on the cheapest call Tariff Plans on MTN, Airtel, Glo & Etisalat in April 2017!
The cunningness of that offer by MTN, MTN beta talk as well as many other offers that give a thousand and one bonuses whilst in actual sense is a dead trap led to the birth of this post about the cheapest call tariff plans in all Nigerian networks (top four) which is MTN, Airtel, Glo & Etisalat.

As its no longer funny how these networks rip us off while making calls due to ignorance. Imagine making calls at 45 kobo per seconds when you can make same calls at a very low/cheaper rate than that if only you knew the right tariff plan to pick in your chosen network.

In fact, from now on, run away from plans like MTN beta talk, MTN awufu4u 300% bonus offer, glo bumpa 200% etc. As after giving you the stated bonuses, they end up billing you times x2 or even times x4 the rate of a normal tariff that at the end of the day, you gain nothing. Apart from that, most of this bonus have validity period (expires after 3 to 7 days).

Now to the main subject of the day!

Cheapest Call Tariff Plans On Top 4 Nigerian Networks

mtn cheap phone plan

MTN Nigeria

On MTN, the cheapest used to be MTN Truetalk+ before it was scrapped. So now, as long as I am concerned, the cheapest plan for making calls on MTN is Xtra Pro. The plan allows you to make calls for as low as 11 kobo per seconds to all network. Without any first minute of the day charge. 

Key Benefits Of MTN Xtra Pro
==>Call Rate is 11 kobo per seconds to all network (6.60 naira per min)
==>SMS Rate is 4k/s to all network
==>International rate call rate of 20k/s to some selected countries
==>How to Migrate? Dial *401#. 
Glo Cheapest call tariff

Glo Nigeria
As for Glo, the cheapest tariff plan for calls and SMS as we speak is Glo Gbam plus. And according to the customer care representative I spoke with over the phone regarding this plan, the plan can also be referred to as Glo 11k/s prepaid plan. 

The plan offers calls at 11k/s to all network similar to MTN xtra pro, and SMS at 4k/s as well as ₦10/sms for international SMS. However, all of this can only be accessible after the access fee of N5 must have been deducted by 12 midnight every day

Mind you, this plan also allows you make calls to top 30 countries in the world at same 11k/s and N6.60/min

To migrate to glo gbam plus, just dial *100*6*1# or *211#.
Airtel Nigeria Cheapest plan

Airtel Nigeria
Having gone through Airtel call tariff plans, I came to realized that their cheapest happen to be the Smart Talk 2.0 which allows you to also make calls at 11k/s to all networks in Nigeria. And 0k/s to some selected international destinations.

Key Benefits Of Airtel Smart Talk 2.0
==>Call Rate is 11 kobo per seconds to all network (6.60 naira per min) after a daily access fee of N5 would have been deducted within the first-minute call of the day.
==>SMS Rate is 4k/s to all network
==>International rate call rate of 20k/s to some selected countries

==>How to Migrate? Simply dial *315#.
etisalat calls

Etisalat Nigeria
Coming to Etisalat Nigeria, there isn’t really much to say. As the Easylife 4.0 tariff plan which happened to be the cheapest call plan on Etisalat has now been updated to charge 15k/s and N9/min as against the 11k/s and N6.60/min previously charged.

With that said, if you insist on sticking with Etisalat, you can migrate to the Easylife 4.0 plan by dialing *420*1# and make your calls at 15k/s from the very first minute.

After giving the above insights, and coming to compare all the cheap tariff plans from various networks, if appears that as at the time of putting this post together, it appears that MTN’s Xtra Pro plan, Glo 11/s prepaid plan, and Airtel SmartTalk 2.0 is the three cheapest call plan in Nigeria as we speak as all three plans charge 11k/s to all local networks from the very first minute and 20k/s to some selected international destinations like U.S, Canada, UK etc.

Over To You!
We’ve done the write-up to the best of our knowledge. But we can’t be entirely right. So do you think we’ve missed out something? Have you any call plan that charges less than this once mentioned. Or have a question regarding this plans. Kindly table it down using the comment box below lets deal with it together.


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