Unbelievable! Android has overtaken Microsoft windows as the most popular operating system (OS) for browsing the internet across desktop, laptop and mobile combined as it was reported from StatCounter. This is the first time Android is surpassing windows in this browsing aspects because people tends to access the internet with a desktop or PC most times especially in advanced and developed countries.

StatCounter is a free online tool that allows and enable administrators keep track of their website traffic – just like Google analytics.

Internet usage means the viewing of a website pages and the StatCounter report based on a sample or collected data of over 15 billion page views per month. The report does not include app or data usage as part of the results.

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So, the chart above shows overall internet usage market share over the past five years. This means that Android OS (Operating system) is mostly used in a developed countries while the Windows OS drive traffics most from North America but not much more.

Apart from the statistics above, Android still remain the world most popular OS (operating system) in the whole world.

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