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4 Simple WaysTo Optimize Your Website For Google Mobile Indexing

If you’re looking to get more traffic then Search engine optimization will definitely help you and you should try keep a close eye on what the big search engines are up to –especially Google .

Search engines are always up to something. New changes are introduced regularly and keeping up with these changes will help you to improve your search rankings.

How to prepare for Google’s mobile first index

Although no dates have been released on when the full roll out will occur, Google has already rolled out AMP(Accelerated mobile pages) , so expect more changes soon. The only information that can be squeezed out of the search engine is that testing has begun and the full roll out will probably be in a few months. With all this information, it’s best to get your website ready as soon as possible for the changes that are coming.

The following are some steps you can take to ensure that your website will be ready once the index is rolled out.

1. Use a responsive design

Responsive designs ensures that users can view and interact with your website from devices with different screen sizes. The view-port element in HTML can be used to set this up sometimes. The website adjusts depending on the size of the screen it is being viewed from and enhances user experience for users accessing your website from different devices.

2. Optimize your website’s design

The way your site looks plays a vital role in how users interact with it. It also plays a role in the ranking of your website. Optimizing your website for devices such as phones and tablets is very necessary. Make sure you get rid of flash images and pop ups. 

3. Register your mobile website or webpages in Google Search Console

If you have a separate website for mobile devices, try to verify and register it in the search console. This will ensure that search engine robots register the existence of a separate website, which they will then analyze.

4. Speed up your website

Google Search aims for loading times of less than half a second. If your website isn’t loading as fast, you could suffer for it and get a very high bounce rate. 

Here are some tips for improving the speed of your website:

Optimize the images on your website. 

Reduce the number of redirects to your website

Use browser caching to store resource files on local devices every time a user visits your website.
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