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How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Set Of Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

Our smartphone functionality has began to improve quite rapidly. Courtesy to the various handy apps and tools that allows us to take things to the next level. Before now, there was not much to do with our smartphones. Except for playing games, music and answering calls. However, the case is now different, as we can now do a lot of things using our smartphone. Most of the tasks that were once only done on a computer can now be achieved with our smartphones. Fascinating huh! This does not mean you shouldn’t have a computer and a phone at the same time, as having both can still come of neccesity, enabling you to carry out critical tasks all together without any hassles.

If you’ve ever wanted to turn your iPad, iPhone and Android into a wireless user-friendly remote mouse and keyboard for your computer, then it is possible with a remote mouse app. Imagine when you’re lying on a bed at night watching multiple movies non-stop. There’s no need to get up and start typing on your keyboard, or to pause/play the movie. You can simply take control of this task by lying on your bed.  Remote mouse unveils a simulated touchpad, keyboard and featured remote panels, to make your remote experience simple and efficient. The app can be of essence, if your mouse or keyboard is broken. Here’s how to use it!!.

Install Remote Mouse Server on Your Computer

To begin with, you will need to install the latest version of Remote Mouse Server on your computer. Simply navigation to the Remote Mouse website or click here. to head over to their download page. Now install the software on your Windows or Mac. As of now, you can download and install Remote Mouse Server on your Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Mac OSX 10.5+.

Install Remote Mouse on Your Mobile

Next you’ll need to install the latest version of Remote Mouse app on your smartphones. So to get this one going, head over to your respective phone’s store, then search for the app & simply install it.

Connect Your Mobile Device to Your Computer

Next you’ll need to connect your mobile device and computer together. So make sure that your mobile device and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, & then open Remote Mouse on your mobile device. From here, click “Start” button. The app will begin to search for a nearby server(s) and connect to your computer automatically. If more than one server is found, a list of servers will be prompted for selection.

Optionally, you can connect your mobile device to your computer by entering your computer’s IP address or QR code. (Note: the connected IP address will be saved in history list automatically for a next use). Also remember, to setup a password for connection on your Mac / PC and protect your computers from being connected by others. So enter the same password on your mobile device to connect. Once you are connected, you can now begin to use your mobile as a mouse and keyboard for your computer.

Use Your Phone as a Keyboard

With remote mouse, you can easily use your phone as a keyboard for your PC or Mac. Once you’re connected, just tap on the keyboard icon from your mobile and start typing. You can be able to see your text both on mobile screen & computer. But if you find this unpleasant, and thus do not want the text to be displayed on the mobile screen, then you can toggle the Show Input Text option via Settings.

You can remotely type with your voice by using remote mouse, and moreover, the app unveils a numeric keyboard. Apart from this, remote mouse features a key combination input & the keyboard is also functional when you switch to landscape mode.(Requires Pro to Unlock). Remote mouse brings a “return” key, & it works the same as hitting “Enter/Return” on your computer.

Use Your Phone as a Mouse

With remote mouse, you’ll be able to use your phone as a Mouse for your PC. So to get this one going, just move your finger across your mobile screen to move the cursor. Tap with one finger to left-click, with two fingers to right-click, and also pinch to zoom in. If you find this tiring, you can get all the buttons which you see on the real mouse on your mobile screen. To achieve this, you’ll need to enable the “Mouse” option in Panels section which can be accessed through the app menu. Remote mouse features a fully simulated mouse, magic trackpad and multi-touch gestures.

Open Your PC Apps with Your Phone

Remote mouse can come of great essence when you want to access all the apps on your PC with your phone. Simply click on the respective window icon from remote mouse which is installed on your mobile, then remote mouse will unveil or list out the apps on your computer’s dock. Now tap on the app you want to access, and it will open instantly on your PC. You can open apps like notepad, power point and microsoft word etc. However i haven’t figured out a way to close the apps once they’re open. So you will need to stick to doing this manually from your PC or Mac for now.

Use Your Phone to Power OFF & Restart Your Computer

You can also use remote mouse to power off and restart your computer, as well as put it to sleep and log out of your profile. Notice the play icon integrated into the remote mouse app, this will allow you to control music in iTunes, Keynote, Hulu, and Windows Media Player. You can also adjust your PC’s volume or change slides by using your device’s volume buttons. If you want to use “Spotify Remote” & the “Media Control” you’ll need to unlock it, but at a little cost.

Remote mouse also brings an air “mouse mode” feature, who’ll will allow you to shake your mobile to move the cursor. If you want to tinker with more options in the remote mouse app, then head over to the Panel and Settings section. From this area, you enable left hand mouse, & also change trackpad background etc..

Final Words

Guess we are already through here. With remote mouse, you can become lazy and that’s deserving. The app can help you to control your PC or Mac directly with your mobile. Remote mouse features a unique and customizable interface, app launcher and switcher. Overall, you will be able to use the app to play music, open apps and perform other tasks. All you need to do is simply to sit back and use your Android, iPhone, iPad and also Windows Phone to remotely control your PC. In summary, Remote Mouse is a handy tool which can turn your mobile phone or tablet into a wireless user-friendly remote control for your computer.

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