The all new developer preview is available now for devices such as Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C. You cannot enroll to the Beta build now. You need to download the factory images and install it manually using the ADB commands.

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Let’s have a quick look at the features of the all new Android O

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Google Officially Announces Android O


Notification Channels: The Android O has the new notification channel which will help you to snooze the notifications which you will be receiving on your phone. You can snooze the notification to 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes. Notification channel is fully customizable, and it is amazing.
Snoozing: The Snoozing feature in the all new Android O will help you to snooze the notifications of your device, and it is something great. You can set up the time, and you won’t be getting the notification until that time. This will help you to get the necessary notifications.
Background Limit: We have often seen that applications such as Facebook and the Facebook Messenger is a battery draining applications it works continuously in the background. Now, the time is over. These applications won’t drain your phone battery again.
This feature will help you a lot to save your phone battery, and this time Google is working very hard to optimize your phone battery performance.
Nav Bar Tuner: We have often seen that if you want to customize our phone nav bars then you need to install the custom ROM or you need to have the third party applications such as Gravity box and other Xposed modules.
This time Android O is having the customization in the SystemUI Tuner which will help you out to customize your phone navbars and align it in right left, compress and in the center. The compress feature is good for tablets and Nexus player.

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Google Officially Announces Android O
Themes: The theme is spotted in the all new Pixel and the Pixel XL devices. The new theme is name as “Inverted light” theme is released in these devices. Themes were available on Android N, but unfortunately, it was removed by Google.
Google Officially Announces Android O Google Officially Announces Android O

Multi-Display: If you are using any application which supports the multi-window then you can use the multi-display option to switch between the two settings.
Unknown Sources Removed: If we sideload any application there is an unknown source warning which is given to us. Now, every application requires a special permission which is needed to be allowed to the user if you will side load any app.
Redesigned Settings: The new Android O has completely changed the settings and the theme looks amazing now. When you click on Settings there is a WiFi, Bluetooth, and Data shown to you. This is moved to a new place called as Network & Internet and you will find WiFI, Bluetooth Data, NFC, Hotspot, Android Bean and Printing Jobs.
Google Officially Announces Android O Google Officially Announces Android O
Android O is Battery status is also changed now. This is completely redesigned and now it contains the Settings such as Battery Saver, Adaptive Brightness, Sleep and the usage of the battery.
Google Officially Announces Android O
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Source: XDA-Developers


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