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Learn Android App Development From These 7 Free Tutorial Websites

Android is now became most trending mobile platform. We get an Android app for each and every function. Also to become an Android developer is not that easy until you find right tutorials to learn Android app development.
There are a lot of paid and free tutorial websites are available to learn Android app development,but most of us fails to choose the right one to become an Android developer and curses Android for being “hard to learn“.
But not anymore! Because we are going to help to create your own Android app by providing some good tutorials.
In this article we are going to list some free tutorial websites that will help you to learn Android app development. These are some best blogs, video tutorials and free resource to learn and become a perfect android developer.

Learn Android App Development :

1. Official Android Developer Site

Directly from Google, this one is the official Android developer site where you can find many things for developing android application.

If you are a beginner or intermediate Android developer, start with “Getting Started: Building Your First App” tutorial because this is the only one tutorial in this website which provide complete step by step instructions to create your first app and for other tutorials they only mention major part of code no whole activity or layout file code.
So I recommend you to build your first application with Building Your First App tutorial then use rest of the tutorials as references and head to next website to learn more.

2. ViralAndroid

This one I found more informative than official Android developer tutorial website. ViralAndroid covers almost everything required for beginner and expert android developers like android tutorial, examples, tips and tricks, libraries and other information related to android application development at free of cost.
ViralAndroid covers different topics like android user interface (UI) design tutorial, android layouts tutorial, android material design tutorial, android web view tutorial, android design support library tutorial and others. Basic things of all these tutorials can also be found in a topic called “Android Application Development Tutorial” in main menu.

3. Vogella

Another great place to learn Android app development. Vogella also covers more topics with depth concept. Vogella is useful site for both beginners and experts. Interestingly Vogella also have detailed Java tutorials too.

4. TheNewBoston

TheNewBoston — a YouTube channel famous for its lots of programming tutorials also provides Android development course for beginners. TheNewBoston have about 200 tutorial videos to help you out. Along with Android you can also find free tutorial videos of popular programming languages like Java, C/C++,Python,PHP,JavaScript….etc.

5. Derek Banas

Another famous YouTuber who provides free programming video tutorials. Derek Banas have about 25 videos to help Android newbies.

6. Android Developers

Android Developers channel on YouTube is the home for Android developers Live videos from our live events, as well as for videos containing demos, tutorials, and anything else related to Android development.

7. Alex Cory

YouTuber Alex Cory provides around 34 video tutorials to learn Android App Development. Along with some other programming tutorial videos.
So thats it. To become a successful Android developer, reading and practicing only these tutorials are not enough —  else you also must have passion to learn, time to research and materials to get started.  Happy coding!

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