Is it Possible to Bypass 60MB Data Capped Limit Etisalat Cheat

Yes its Very Possible to Bypass Free Browsing Etisalat Cheat- How?

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Now First you May need to Read this Tutorial How Cheats Originated, then you can Hustle A Free Server Yourself

How to Get Free GPRS / Internet Tricks working world wide on any network 10 ways

Now Here is the Settings to Bypass 60MB Data Capped Limit Etisalat Cheat

Yes you can bypass the 60MB given and start over again.

1. Clear your Psiphon data and cache, from phone settings – applications.

You may also try Luck Using this VPN  CALLED CIGNAL VPN

Download Cignal VPN for Free Browsing and Data Cap Bypass

2. Now change the host address from http://ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#openModal to


or use this etisalatweb1.cloudapp.net

Also try this

when writing the new settings.

Alternatively it can also be done by:

1. Clearing the Psiphon data and cache via your data usage.

2. Replace proxy server with any of the following links below.

Proxy server: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#close

Proxy server: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/

Proxy server: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/etisalat_ng#open

Proxy server: ent.nxtfwd.com/s/d/

3. Change also the settings for Real proxy type and port, use the once below:

Real proxy type: Inject
Real proxy port: 3128

or use this etisalatweb1.cloudapp.net

Also try this

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