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How Recharge Other Numbers From GTBank

Learn How To Recharge Other Numbers From GTBank by following the guidelines on this post.

Instead of going outside to find a Recharge store to buy airtime in your area, you can easily load credit on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, or Glo from your Bank Account sitting comfortably in your room.

For real, this is a great sign that technology is changing everything to make life easier, and glad we have this in Nigeria.

In a few minutes, I will show you how to recharge other numbers from GTBank.

About GTBank Airtime Transfer
The GTB transfer service allows you to recharge your line, easily buy data plans, check account balance, transfer airtime to family and friends, and more…

But since your request for the easy way to buy airtime from GTB to another number, I will give a solution to that in this post and also answer other similar questions you may have.

How To Recharge Other Numbers From GTBank
There are two methods to buy airtime from your account balance, and in case you want to transfer airtime from GTBank to another number, I recommend the following.

Transfer Airtime Using GTB USSD Code.
Simply dial *737*Airtime Amount*Phone Number#. For example, to send N1000 airtime to “07012345678”, just dial *737*1000*07012345678#.

After that, you will be asked to confirm the last 3digit on your ATM Master Card. For example, GTB Master Card has 16digits on it like; 1234 5678 9012 3456, enter ‘456’.

You will also be asked to enter your ATM 4-digit PIN to make the transaction successful.

The essence of all these confirmations is to make sure someone isn’t stealing from you.

How To Recharge Other Numbers From GTBank Using SMS
You can also recharge a number through SMS.
By composing a short message to GTB, the transaction is done.

Kindly open your Messaging App and compose a new message.
SMS “Network + Amount + NUBAN No”. (NUBAN No is the phone number you want to recharge)
For example, if you want to send N1000 airtime to 07012345678, type in “MTN 1000 07012345678” and send it to 080766655555.

Before the SMS method will work out, you must confirm the last 3digit on your ATM card and your 4-digit pin.

After getting this in place, you are good to go.

Transfer Airtime Using GTBank Mobile App
With the Mobile App, you can make every transaction made possible by GTBank. It consists of Mobile Money and Mobile Banking.

Mobile Money grants you access to your Wallet by installing the app and logging on with the phone number on your account.

Mobile Banking gives you access to all your information such as Savings, Current, and Domiciliary accounts.

And to recharge others from GTB, you must pass through a simple test.

Kindly download the GTBank Mobile App.
Visit any GTBank branch, register your number with the app, and provide other information need to get started.

After the above, you will be allowed to do the below with the app:

PIN & FingerPrint authorization.
Transfer money.
Check your account balance.
Buy Airtime and Data from GTB.
Pay your Bills. For example, Cable TV Bills, Electricity Payments, etc.
Transfer emergency cash via cashout.

How To Buy Airtime From GTB For Myself
Simply dial *737*Amount#. For example, if you want to buy N3000 airtime, just dial *737*3000#.

You may be asked to confirm your 4-digit PIN to proceed.
Kindly enter it on the space provided and you are good.

BONUS TIP To Recharge Other Number From GTBank
While the above methods can be used to recharge your phone on any network you use, there is an alternative transfer code to get this done.

Below is how to buy airtime on GTBank

Simply dial *904*Amount# to buy airtime to your phone.

Or, dial *904*Amount*Phone Number# to transfer to someone else.
You can as well, dial *904# or *737#, then follow the prompt.

Important Notes On For You
Go to any GTBank Branch around you for assistance just in case you find it difficult to do it yourself. You can also call the GTBank Customer Care service for help.

You don’t have to stress yourself all the time. Imagine how you go out to buy recharge cards and spend more time inputting the figures.

Do yourself a favor by dialing the simple transfer code and boom, account recharged.

You’ve just learned how to recharge other numbers from GTBank.

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