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How To Browse With Airtime On 9Mobile (etisalat)

This post shows you how to browse with airtime on 9mobile (Etisalat).

In a case, you have a HUGE amount of airtime on your line and you want to browse with it coz you feel like the internet is the best way you can think of consuming the airtime.

You are not the only one doing this though, in my case I prefer connecting with friends and family online to avoid interruptions.

9mobile (formerly Etisalat) now permits subscribers to browse with airtime after activating the pay-as-you-go service.

About the 9mobile Browse With Airtime Service
It’s called PAYG on 9mobile. PAYG means Pay As You Go which allows 9mobile customers to browse using the money in their account.

Right here, you don’t need to subscribe to a 9mobile data plan to make the “browse with airtime” service work for you. All you need is to activate PAYG and you are good to go.

9mobile PAYG offers browsing at N15/5min. That is, if you recharge N100 on your line, and activate PAYG, you will be charged N15 for every 5 minutes you browse the internet.

Cool stuff. See how to opt-in for this service below.

How to Browse With Airtime On 9mobile
Simply dial *229*5*7# to start browsing at N15/5min.
Or SMS Yes to 131 and boom you’re set.
Remember, you must recharge your line with at least 100 Naira to get started.

After dialing the activation code, you will receive a message that informs you that you are now browsing with the airtime on your account balance.

How To Deactivate Pay As You Go On 9mobile
If you want to stop browsing with airtime on 9mobile, it’s simple. Just dial the short USSD code below:

Simply dial *229*0# to opt-out of 9mobile pay as you go service.

From this moment, you will no longer browse with your airtime and all data connections will be disconnected unless you buy a data plan.

How To Stop 9mobile From Deducting My Credit
Are you among those who are complaining of loss of airtime? Maybe you recharged your line and without making calls, you are noticing a shortage in your account balance.

Is PAYG active on your line? Dial the simple code above to stop pay as you go rate on Etisalat.

Now, after deactivating the PAYG service and the shortage persists, you will have to contact 9mobile customer care.

Call 200 to speak with a representative.
Send e-mails to care@9mobile.com.ng to lay your complaints.

You’ve just learned how to browse with airtime on 9mobile and also the quick way to stop the PAYG service permanently.

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