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Congratulations Apple’s Iphone Turns 10 : Here’s How The Iconic Handset Has Changed

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Applygist Rejoice with the Success of iPhone since its Evolution

Steve Jobs described it as ‘an iPod, a phone and
an internet communicator’
Since its unveiled, Apple has sold more than a
billion iPhones around the world
Last year saw sales of the iPhone drop for the
first time in the device´s history
Last week, a never-before-seen alternate version
of the iPhone design was discovered that looked
similar to an iPod design
The iPhone, the device that redefined the mobile
phone and has helped make Apple the most
valuable company in the world, is 10 years old

It was on January 9 2007 that late Apple
founder, Steve Jobs, went on stage at the
company´s Macworld event to announce it was about to reveal ‘an iPod, a phone and an internet

But rather than three separate products being
revealed, one of the first truly smart phones was

Pictured is the first ever iPhone, which was
unveiled in 2007. Around 3.4 million units of the
2G were sold that year

In July 11 2008 the second generation iPhone 3G
launched. A white colour option was also
revealed and the App Store was also launched. It
was introduced in 21 countries with networking
twice as fast as its predecessor

The iPhone 3GS (left) went on sale in June 2009,
with sales reaching more than 25 million that
year. In 2010, the iPhone 4 (right) was launched.
This was the first time the front and back casing
were both made of glass. It also had a new steel

The iPhone 4s was introduced in 2011. The
iPhone 4s came with over 200 new features,
incluing as the Notification Center, iCloud and

In 2012, the handset had another redesign in
iPhone 5, increasing the screen size to four
inches for the first time

In 2013, the iPhone 5s is launched, and it
includes a fingerprint scanner integrated into the
home button, known as Touch ID. Apple
described the iPhone 5s as the ‘most forward-
thinking smartphone in the world,’ and the iPhone
5c as ‘the most colorful iPhone yet’

In September 2014 the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were
unveiled, offering the iPhone in two sizes for the
first time. During the unveiled, Apple also
announced the Apple Watch

In September last year the iPhone
7 and 7 Plus
are announced, with the Plus housing a dual rear
camera for the first time that is designed to
capture images to rival that of a digital camera


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