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People have began to express diverse displeasure over poor Spectranetnetwork ,see as this Nairalander tagged this thread, and what othersface

Spectranet: The Honeymoon Seems Over
In Abuja by alstacs

After switching round all mobile networks looking
for fast and reliable data services, a friend
introduced Spectranet to me in January 2015. It
was the best Internet experience I’ve had since I
was born. I was the king, I could do all I needed
to do and the kids could stream their animations
and educational videos. I was the most reliable
when making Skype video calls. If you come to
my house, I don’t offer you water or drink, I give

you wifi password.
Despite having just two bars of signal around
Durumi area, I streamed videos like they were
stored on my tablet or laptop.
suddenly I became an apostle to spectranet. In
fact somebody in the central area nearly cursed
me once on Facebook for praising spectranet.
His honeymoon oerios was over! I never knew
Spectranet has a honeymoon period for
everybody and every area in Abuja.
My/our honeymoon period expired January 2016
when they started their double offer promo. From
that time, despite my steady signal strength, I
have been using about only 2 or 3 gig out of
almost 40gig I have every month. It became so
poor that as bad as Glo network was, I preferred
Glo data cos spectranet would not even open a
page on a browser talk less of using VOI calls or
streaming videos.

If you need to open a website now, you better
start boiling beans at the same time, you page
will open when you are done from the kitchen.
I went round my area asking apither subscribers
and they all have the same story to tell. I mailed
their customer service and an engineer was sent
to my house and area. He confirmed that their
service was no longer optimised there just like
those people in the central area .
I have tried on a few occasions to subscribe
again but I ended up wasting money every time. I
tried Smile too but their own data costs an arm
and a leg.
my options now:
1. Unlock the wifi device for a more customer
friendly broadband provider
2. To give out my wifi device for free.
3. Seems as if I will try NTEL oh

Another User Sai

Sad situation. It’s a Nigerian problem, the ISPs
here sign up more people than their network can
handle all in a bid to rake in maximum profit.
When their servers can’t handle the load any
longer they close shop, amassing quadruple and
oftentimes tenfold their projected profit after
Jumping ship would only put you on the same
cycle. Sorry OP, I can’t tell you to endure but
always expect the worst when it comes to ISPs


from this, I can conclude that they are all born
of the same mother and the law of diminishing
returns catches up with them all.
But I’m shocked that MTEL will be having issues
in some areas already, when dem launch self we
diabetes eggs bag don de swell! na wa oh.
Charix made a very good point here, it is better
for me to just stop chasing the shadows. When I
abandoned Spectranet, I followed Smile. If I
continue at this rate, will have a house filled with
all sorts of useless Wifi. Maybe our destiny in
Nigeria doesn’t support broadband ni. Afterall,
bros Okupe said we cannot use superfast trains
because we are not ripe for that.

The annoying thing is that Spectranet keeps
advertising with mouth watering unrelasitc
bonuses. Some other people will fall prey too
I shall just enter my shell and continue with my
Etisalat jeje, not so fast, not so slow.

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