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In 8 Ways Learn How To Protect Your Eyes While Using A Smartphone

Sometimes while using thesesmartphones, our eyes hurt or we feel some pain in our eyes.

 Protect Your Eyes While Using A Smartphone

Most Doctors advise people not to spend a lot of
time in front of screens .
If you really want to protect your eyes while
using a smartphone, then follow the instructions
below :

1. Keep It Far From Your Eyes
Most people spend their free time texting ,
watching movies or just surfing on internet .
The average smartphone screen size is small so

they put their smartphones very close to their
eyes. This is wrong, if you put your phone very
close to your eyes, you may start having issues
with your eyes.
Always remember to keep your smartphone 15 to
20 inches away from your eyes.

2. Blink Periodically
Most people hardly blink while playing games or
watching an interesting movie on their
smartphone. This may cause redness or dryness
of your eyes. If you want protect your eyes then
you ought to blink your eyes regularly.
An average person blinks 2-50 times per minute
depending on the condition. Blink your eyes to
keep your eyes clean and moist.

3. Reduce screen brightness:
Most people love to increase the brightness of
their smartphones. Increased brightness levels
are harmful to the eyes.

So, always remember to set the level of your
smartphone brightness to a level that’s good for
your eyes. I recommend using automatic
brightness so your device can adapt to the
different light levels at different conditions.

4. Wash your face:
Constant use of your smartphone may leave your
eyes weak and tired. After a while you feel a
slight pain in your eyes. To reduce the dryness
of your eyes wash your face . This helps your
eyes feel relaxed.

5. Use Anti-glare Protection :
Most smartphones come with anti-glare coating
or special corning glass protection. But if your
device doesn’t have any of those, then you have
to get an anti-glare coating or corning glass
protection for your device .
You can also use anti-glare lens or glasses to
protect your eyes as well.

6. Take A Break :
Always take a break while using your
smartphone. Close your eyes for few minutes
during the break.

7. Use Eye Therapy:
Close your eyes and put 2 fingers on your closed
eyes and move them round . It helps to relax
your eyes.

8. Take Vitamin A And Yeast Supplement
I normally do this to protect my eyes while
blogging. My eyes used to hurt so bad at a
certain point but once I took the vitamin A and
yeast supplements for about 5 days, the pain
reduced and my eyes were back to normal. If
you’re having a similar issue try this out.
I believe with these methods you can protect
your eyes while using your smartphone.

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