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It is highly dangerous to have a system without an antivirus installed in it, Antivirus is to protect you PC from certain viruses which if left to roam Free in your pc without taken care of, might result to loosing or corrupting crucial file’s. 
You may be left with no other option but to leave your PC without an antivirus installed in it because most of our antivirus are not free especially the good ones. 
The computer geeks wont mind paying for an antivirus cause they know how unsafe is their PC leaving it without Antivirus.
Some PC might be extra slow if you have an antivirus installed, this is why some people don’t mind installing any type of antivirus .
But I will be showing you all how to manually removes viruses from your computer without any antivirus software installed in it, it might comes in handy someday.
Steps On How To Manually Remove Viruses From Your Computer Without Antivirus App

Ⅰ. Click on Start Menu, Go to Search and search for “CMD” .
Ⅱ. Right click on the “Command Immediate Icon” and then click on run as administrator.
Ⅲ . Now your “Command immediate home” windows will open, select the drive you want to delete the virus from, assuming disc D to be the drive.
Now type the follow command as shown in the image below

Ⅳ . As soon as you’re done entering the command, the under command on the image, click enter.
Ⅴ. The command will show all your file content material. And you’re done, very simple.
If it didn’t work for you please contact us for assistance.
Kelvin Alexander


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