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How To Opt Out Of MTN Subscription That Secretly Chop your money

Are you a suffering from an unknown or unconditional deduction of Airtime out of your MTN line due to one ineffective plan? 

Think about having your credit being deducted every time you recharge or have cash in your MTN line.
I recharge N100 on my MTN line yesternight with the hope of calling my uncle with it this morning, only to be getting a robot lady telling me that my account is too low, N50 has been deducted for what I don’t know. How Annoying.

The worst a part of it all is that you will be deceived to subscribe unknowingly. On most occasions, individuals are forced to choose in to those ineffective providers and typically individuals choose in unknowingly but later to finds out when their credit begins to be deducted.
You might just Put on your device but you will see a message like this

And you will want to remove the pop up notification message by pressing OK, Not knowing you have implicated yourself, you will only notice when you Airtime is deducted the 10th time.
How To Opt Out Of Secret Airtime Consuming Plans
You cannot solve your problem without knowing what your problem is, so let find out what is consuming our Airtime before we can unsubscribe.
The below code can help you see the active plans that takes your Airtime on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Just dial *123*5*1# and reply with 2 to view active subscriptions.

You will see all the active plans that are consuming your Airtime, just reply with the one you want to cancel and it’s done.
To Cancel MTNplay Subscription
To cancel all MTN play subscription just dial.*123*5*2# and reply with 8 to see list of active MTNplay services.
The unsubscribe from it by replying with the digit representing the subscription you want to unsubscribe from.
I know naija guys will try to unsubscribe from Xtra time after borrowing.
Kelvin Alexander 

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