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How To Fix A Corrupt Or Damaged HardDisc, Flash Drive and SD Card

The rate at which fake products are being produce now a days are beyond my expectations, you won’t believe I ordered for three memory cards from jumia and all three memory cards are displaying corrupt or damaged SD Card, Please guys what’s going on? Or is dollar affecting memory cards too?

I wanted to return the memory cards but I was able to repair them with the help of a guide a friend gave me, and that guide is what I am about to share with you guys, because the memory cards are now working fine and normal.

With this trick you can fix any corrupt or damaged SD card, flash drive, or hard disk. 
The major reason why you get a damaged storage devices are 
Uploading of unprotected, illegal and dangerous files like ported TWRP, Android ROMs.
softwares like exposed installer, RAM expander and so many more

Some corrupted or damaged SD cards can be easily fixed by a normal formatting with a PC and it back to as good as new, 

while others won’t even let you format them, they keep on giving error messages like windows can’t format disk, or it will format but you won’t be able to use your storage device.
But sit back relax for this is a sure 100% working remedy that worked for me. 

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Materials Needed
→ A laptop or Desktop Computer
→ A disc Reader or card reader
→ A functioning USB Cable (optional)

Having the required materials gives you the eligibility to follow the procedures below.

Steps To Follow

==> Insert the corrupted or damaged storage device into your PC with the help of your card reader and USB. 

==> launch RUN app of your windows PC. 
Go to search and search for RUN and Lunch it.

==> After Lunching RUN, type CMD in the text box given there.

Search for CMD in the search box of your windows computer, Right click on CMD and run in administrative Mode

==> type in: DISKPART , click your enter button.

==> type: LIST DISK

==> now select the disk you want to format by typing in: SELECT DISK 1

==> Type: CLEAN


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==> Type: ACTIVE


==> At last were here, Finalize everything by Typing: FORMAT FS=FAT32

==> Don’t give up just yet, leave it for like 30 minutes to complete the format process. 

==> After the process is completed, remove your Flash drive, Hard disk or memory card, insert it into your device.
Hope this one works for you.

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