The Ultimate Secret- Deadline Extended For Google To Respond To Eu’s Adsense Complaint

Little Known Facts About Deadline Extended For Google To Respond To Eu’s Adsense Complaint – And Why They Matter

Letter set unit Google has been given an additional week to formally respond to allegations by the European Commissionthat it was blocking rivals in online search advertising, a move prone to postpone an administrative decision working on this issue until one year from now.

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Congratulations! Deadline Extended For Google To Respond To Eu’s Adsense Complaint Is About To Stop Being Relevant

The due date has been reached out to Nov. 3 from Oct. 26, European Commission spokesman Ricardo Cardoso said, making it the second extension.

“Google asked for extra time to audit the documents in the case record. In accordance with typical practice, the commission broke down the reasons for the request and conceded an extension permitting Google to completely exercise its rights of defense,” he said in an email.


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The charge was made against Google in July, the third antitrust case to be raised by the EU against the world’s most prominent web search motor and accusing it of having abused its market control in the arrangement of search advertising on outsider websites.
The case concerns Google’s AdSense for Search item whereby websites such as online retailers, telecoms operators and newspapers can install a customized search motor on their site which generates income from having important ads show up on the search results page.
Deadlines for Google to respond to the first charge that it favors its own particular shopping service over those of rivals and a second accusation that it abuses the predominance of its Android working system for phones to squeeze out rivals stay unaltered at Nov. 7 and Oct. 31 respectively.

Both deadlines have been broadened several times. Google has previously denied any wrongdoing.

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