How To Bypass Ads

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This guide doesn’t work for only but for other URL shortening sites like adfocus, shortest, and so on

Bloggers and webmasters use it to monetise their earnings from clicking links.
But downloading things or clicking on links online really gets someone frustrated when you come across something like

Formally you would have just wait for the normal five seconds to complete then you click on skip this ad , but it doesn’t apply like that anymore so I have to come up with a post that will help you to bypass and it’s kind.
How to Bypass Adfly Ad

1.By Using cyberflux:- Cyberflux website that bypasses any URL. 
==Just go to cyberflux
==Paste your link on the box 
==Click on bypass link 
Wait for three seconds then your real link will appear just click on it or copy it into your browser.
2.By Using Slipper:- This is a Google chrome extension plugin, so if you’re a Google chrome user just 
==go to chrome web store.
Search for Slipper.
==click on add extension

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Wait few seconds for the extension to install 
After installing just start surfing, your browser will automatically bypasses any URL it come across until it comes to the final results.
.3 Reloading The page
This doesn’t work much for every body but it has been confirmed 100Percent working.
When ever you come across any just keep on reloading the page for up to seven times it will automatically bypass the link to the final result.
All tricks has been confirmed working. Place your comment below if it doesn’t work for you or you wish to add to this post for us.
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