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Solution For Quick Draining Of Android Battery

The Achilles hill of every mobile device is when you’re having problems with the battery not lasting long or Just draining without your consent.

Having your device to be working perfectly fine and Okay but for the battery
to be bad is so annoying and disturbing. 
If you happened to find yourself in a situation when you are relaxing with a battery of 70% for thirty minutes only to get a 15% battery low warning. Then you are definitely in the right thread.
This battery draining issue is common among all smartphone especially the ones running on Android 5.0 higher. 
How To Fix Battery Draining Problem
You can simply fix Battery Draining Problem With ATK. (Advanced Task Killer)
This is by killing every background application that are secretly running which in returns causing your battery to drain pretty fast.
This is likely to occur when you just finished using the application or your data connection is active and in return those apps are responding To data connection.
This is Where ATK comes in handy
Where to Download It
Download It Here(800kb)
How It Works
Download and run the application, unchecked the apps you don’t want to kill, the tap Kill selected Apps
All Apps checked will be killed.
Ignore List

This is for you to ignore the applications you do not want to kill
Like ignoring Whatsapp when you are chatting
All you have to do it to long click on the App then choose ignore from the pop up.
When clearing App that one will be ignored.
Auto Killing App
When you want to perform an auto kill, you will have to choose from the auto kill levels.
==> Safe: This consumes memory but it kills only running App
==> Aggressive: Kills both background running apps and normal apps
==> Crazy: Kill all application except for the ones you’re using.
You can also stop battery drainage by 
reducing your screen contrast 
putting off your Wi-Fi, Hotspots and Bluetooth after use
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