How to Increase The Booting Speed Of Android Devices

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First I want you all to know that this guide is only applicable on rooted android devices, if your device is not rooted you can easily root it with kingroot or iroot.

this is a detailed guide on how you can dincrease there by increasing the boot speed of your device.
So is your android device To slow on booting? 
How To Increase Your Android Booting Speed
==>Root explorer. Apk Click Here to download
==>A rooted Android Device as mentioned above.
Follow this steps closely and please don’t do anything aside this guide to avoid bricking your device.
==>lunch the app root explorer

==>scroll to the button of the app,
There you will find a system folder 
==>click on >system >build.prob
==>long click build.prob then open with any text editor
==>after opening paste this code below on it
==>after pasting, save and exist. 
You can now power off your device and boot it back, then you will see the different between your former boot speed and the new one. 
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Kelvin Alexander
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