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Best Android Apps To Make Free

Best Android Apps To Make Free
If you use Android you can get all
facilities of a smartphone,because Android
phones also called smartphone for it
features. It make your work easier and
fast.many android apps can save your
money and time.
Today I share how you make free calls
with android phones.

This post is for those who truly want to talk endlessly on calls to anyone around the world without touching their credits; those who love to text for free anywhere around the world are the only one who is permitted to read further.

BeepTool – For Your Unlimited Calling, Texting to Anywhere in The World

BeepTool as the name goes is a free communication app that enables video conferencing,talk, text and filesharing on an array of devices. With BeepTool, you get free calls and text messages to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world via WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE — without draining minutes through your service provider.

Why Should I Download BeepTool?

==>It allow you to make free calls with BeepTool to BeepTool users
==>Beeptool to other mobile calls at a more cheaper rate (the cheapest ever)
==>Group calls: you can get a group of upto 25 people together and make free calls while you discuss business.
==>Free video calling
==>unlimited text messaging to other users
==>You can send files or document of any size to anyone around the world
==>You can also transfer money from your Beeptool account to other Beeptool users. And lot more…

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How Does it work?

==> create your own free account You can also invite your friends to create an account and you are good to go with all the features listed above.

Viberis a proprietary cross-platform instant messaging voice-over-Internet Protocol application for smartphones developed by Viber Media. Viber app has a Skype rivals,let you do almost everything Skype app can do. Viber allow you to make calls to any number for free so long the person is onviber network.
This is how Viber works, Viber syncs your contacts, messages and call history with your mobile device, so you can start the conversation on the Viber mobile application and continue from the comfort of your PC.

Why Should I Use Viber app?

Because with Viber application on your device, you can do the following:
1.Best-quality HD voice calls
2.Video calls
3.Free text and photo messages
4.Group conversations
5.No registration, passwords or invitations required
6.Contacts and messages sync between your mobile and Windows
7.Transfer ongoing calls between devices But the most important aspect about this application is that, it is compatible with all device except Java phones and Blackberry10.

Imaging me on Viber network and you are on Viber network, then there is no need to keep wasting my money buying recharge card to call you as we can freely connect with voice calls free of charge

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We Chat

This apps also give you opportunity to
make free call, sent
massage,video ,picture etc.

I think Skype doesn’t need an introduction
almost must be familiar with it.But for the
sake of the peoples who don’t know i will
tell.Skype is a service provide for computer
it offers service like free voice calls and
video calls, free of charge for one month you can use it Skype apps in
your android. Skype app will provide a
simple user-friendly experience through
which you call and send messages not only
to phone but phone to computer also for
absolutely free.

Kelvin Alexander

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